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Elothia is 2D open world dark fantasy RPG with multi-choice narrative storyline, unique handmade graphics and a whole new approach to the genre mechanics.

We are a small indie team of passionate hardcore RPG players from all around the world with its core from Czech and Slovakia, who have spent the last year investing all of our free collective time and savings into the creation of our dream - OldSchool hardcore RPG with serious dark theme

Yeah we all have day jobs to live from, but our passion drive us towards the completing of the game and learning new tricks in Unity engine.

We are currently in the final stages of implementing the core game mechanics and will then be working hard on polishing Elothia to be the best that it can possibly be, ready for its playable Alpha build to be shown off to You, hopefully our new loyal fanbase.


  • Narrative storyline means that conversations with NPCs throughout Elothia can go many different ways depending on your reputation, history and responses during the dialogue. There are no highlighted ‘good’ or 'bad’ options, no warnings or future insights. Seemingly harmless decisions made today can bring ruin or glory to you tomorrow.
  • Time-based combat means that learning when to use a quick attack or action and when to spend several seconds gearing up for something big is vitally important during the intense, fast-paced first-person combat. Its different approach to overused turn-based combat mechanics.
  • Exploration allows the player to explore the world to their heart’s content, freely exploring the deep lore and engaging side-quests that can be found hidden away almost everywhere. The maps function as 2D regions in which the player can move around and explore points of interest such as NPCs, dungeons and hidden places. The map also contains random events, treasure and other surprises.
  • Leveling mechanic when you get enough experience to advance to the next level, you don’t get any new stat points like you usually would. Instead you raise your trainable stats cap and get older in-game. So the real strength of the main character is unlocked by interacting with the world itself, like battling, exploration and more, while the level shows the overall unlocked potential of the player.
  • Training system is much as it is in the “real world.” So if you want to raise strength, you need swing your sword more. If you want to raise your magic power, use your spells. It’s simple, yet an interesting way to breathe some life into the mechanic of level up = stats up. This mechanic is inspired by the awesome mmorpg from ancient times “Ultima online.”
  • Skills in Elothia are the main differentiator between player play-style. We don’t have classes in the game, but instead, we leave the paths open for free choice, so the player can create many classes, from ordinary warrior or mage to some combined exciting dual, or triple class characters. The skill tree is in the form of focused spiritual rings, which could be opened by meeting stats requirements, or by certain storyline choices, or by some completed deeds. Each spiritual ring is tied with specific place in the world. This mechanic is influenced by “FFX”, but from fresh new angle, and it connects the player with the game world itself.
  • Optional we have many ideas on our table, yet isnt crystalised enough to be implemented into the world of Elothia. This can be place for You, potential future players, to bring some fresh thoughts to brainstorm about. We have in mind scale of our project, so not everything can be possibly implemented.

    We cannot compare with the open world like in Skyrim, or top notch story like in Witcher, but we do our best to make the game enjoyable and interesting to it's fullest potential.

    If you want to know more about us and the game, you can read our devblog on Tumblr - just search elothiarpg

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Elothia: The beginning of a journey
Elothia: The beginning of a journey
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Elothia: The beginning of a journey
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