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A god betrayed by his elders seeks vengeance on his family after being banished from the heavens. Its up to three brave heros to end this conflict!

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After a long absence in witch we have improoved our skills and built relations we are back to work On Wings of Skyrille with a Determined direction and strong as steel will. Showing some screenshot of The Carrier Battleship the Human faction is going to spawn from, its going to be a realy important part of gameplay as it will be realy realy hard to take down, i mean, look at those cannos and those missile hatches just waiting to tear a hole in the wizards Islands :D

sadfgSide viewTrying out Materials

[Trying out some materials here hehehe]

Bottom view

[The ship needs a lot of thrusters in order to stay floating]

Thrusters[Masive Rockets on the back to take care of moving this masive beast]

We will make sure to make this Game the best we can and not let you guys all down. We will be holding a screenshot saturday every week from now on so make sure to track us and stay updated. Some things that changed are that we dropped Customizable caracters and opted for Original caracters wich we will start to introduce realy soon. Another change would be choosing Unity for our game engine and taking advantage of the cool new features the engine has now. Stay tunned and check in for new updates and don't forget to check out our Facebook page: Facebook.com

PS: How about something like this for one of the pledge prizes on Kickstarter when we get there?


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