Elyot  and the Island Of Pongo

Elyot and the Island Of Pongo


Welcome to "Elyot and the Island Of Pongo" An amnesic Elyot regains consciousness upon the sandy beach of an unknown island. What events brought him to this place? Is he alone? What is his story? What is his future? "Elyot and the Island Of Pongo" is a true survival game featuring the collection of resources (minerals, wood, plants, etc...), food, and water. Players will be required to use the resources they collect to create tools to construct buildings that will aid in their survival. They will also use the resources to forge weapons in order to hunt, and defend themselves. Two modes will feature: A sandbox mode containing the survival elements only. The adventure mode will take place upon a central island, and adjacent isles. Elyot must survive while he regains his memory and attempts to rescue the lady he lost. The player will use all the same survival concepts from the sandbox mode as all are necessary to complete tasks, search out, and ultimately rescue the lady.

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