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The North Pole is in trouble and only you can save Christmas in ELFSQUAD7! Go solo or team up with family and friends (two-player local for PC, four-player for Xbox Live Indie Games) in this co-op holiday adventure as you wrap toys, stuff Santa's sack, demolish freakish un-toys, and battle Kevin - the haywire toy-building robot of the North. This is retro gaming at its most festive, so ready the milk and cookies...it's time to save Christmas! (The PC version of ELFSQUAD7 is exclusive to the Indie Royale Xmas Bundle for the 2011 holiday season!)

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not for me


A very simple game about wrapping presents (by moving a character back and forth in a small, platforming level while shooting objects falling from the sky) that is unfortunately plagued by glitches, overlays that blind the player, and various other frustrations. Granted, I should have known better than to try to get into a Christmas game in the middle of July, but...

I liked this game. I wish it had two player on same keyboard support. I would give it a better score if it did. Plus Sega Genesis as a toy gives this game extra points.

Good for killing a little time.

The game is pretty cute and the concept is quite new. However, it gets me bored quickly (or is it because I haven't invested enough time?).


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