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Platformer Elfscape: Ancestors is telling the story of a temple Guardian. She is asleep, waiting for the prophecy to come true - when the Chosen One shall descend underground, he'll fight a victorious battle against a Demon. One day, the Guardian is awakened, and she quickly realises the Chosen one is nowhere in sight. She needs to find him, and quickly - her life energy depends on it. Elfscape: Ancestors brings 24 levels, distributed into 6 environments, through which you'll be accompanied by an epic story told through visual-novel-like elements. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council (www.fpu.sk)

Post news RSS (#44 Dev Diary) Silence of the sheep

Hi! We're adding sound effects to the game. You can see in the our gameplay video, or you can just listen to some sheep bleating, if you like.

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Silence of the sheep

Dev Diary 44


Currently, we don’t have any big updates, just some smaller ones.

  • Our programmer is working on map functionality. We’re looking forward to the demonstration of the functioning map - but it will take some more time.
  • Our animators are working on the story cut-scenes. We could show you some of them, but we kind of want to keep it a secret :)
  • And what are the producer and level builder working on? Sound effects! That we can and will show you in today’s dev diary.

Here’s a level gameplay with the music turned off and sound effects turned on.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of work behind finding the right sound effect. Many hours are spent listening to slightly different sounds and then mixing them, so they would be most suitable for the game and for your ears. For example, when you're mixing the best sheep bleating, you can get suck listening to this for 2 hours:

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