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Elfscape: Ancestors is a platformer, telling the story of a temple Guardian. The Guardian is asleep, waiting for the prophecy to come true - when the Chosen One shall descend underground, he'll fight a victorious battle against a Demon. One day, the Guardian is awakened, and she quickly realises the arrival of the Chosen One is not yet happening. So, what was the reason for waking her? Elfscape: Ancestors brings 24 levels, distributed into 6 environments, through which you'll be accompanied by an epic story told through visual-novel-like elements.

Post news RSS (#33 Dev Diary) Magical transformation

Elfscape: Ancestors and it's level design process. Comparison of before and after images.

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Magical transformation

Dev Diary 33

Our level designer (and lead manager, and music composer) Adam would surely tell you that level design isn’t easy. But do you know what also isn’t easy? Assembling the levels according to the designer’s vision - especially when the designs are so artfully made in MSPaint (but he’s getting really skilled at it - you should see the speed at which he works).

So check out the magical before and after transformation - that’s the work of our crafty level builder Andrej and our talented level graphic Adel.

Level sketch (1)

Level final (1)

Level sketch (2)

Level final (2)

Level sketch (3)

Level final (3)

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