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In this awesome third person adventure game you will help Eekeemoo rescue his friends from the clutches of the evil Dark Shard! Your quest will take you deep into the Dark Shards four corrupted splinter worlds.

You'll help Eekeemoo solve puzzles, complete tasks, battle monsters, the legions of the undead and hugely terrifying boss monsters!

Take heart though! As you find and release each of Eekeemoo's friends (there are 4 unlockable characters with different powers) you will be able use their powers to solve next set of problems.

This is the first game starring web and Kickstarter funded comic book hero Eekeemoo and his friends Yum Yum, Nim and D-bot.

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Eekeemoo started out his life as a wordless infinity scroll web comic. It was called EEKEEMOO AND THE SINGING STONE it ran to over 200 pages and because it was silent it was read all around the world. It is now an APP for iPad & iPhone you can read a sample HERE

The second Eekeemoo adventure EEKEEMOO IN THE CLOUD CITY was a Limited edition printed comic and was showcased and sold at comic cons around the UK. You can read a sample HERE

Part two cover

The third Eekemoo adventure has been funded by Kickstarter and it is called EEKEEMOO - BLACK SUN RISING. It is due for release November. You can see the Kicstarter campaign HERE .

El banditobot

When we began to put together SPLINTERS OF THE DARK SHARD we had to adjust Eekeemoo to fit for the 3d game world he would inhabit. So we scaled him down and made him cuter. This was the inital concept work.

eekeemoo concept

Char Eekeemoo

We'll post more soon. If you like Eekeemoo you can download a free hi-res file of our promo poster HERE

Li Pha

Thanks for reading looking! Don't forget to vote at our Steam Green Light page.



Eekeemoo From Kickstarter Comic to Game!

Eekeemoo From Kickstarter Comic to Game!


Cogg Games a small Welsh development team with big ideas takes the kickstarter comic hero Eekeemoo into a dark game arena on Steam Green Light with Eekeemoo...


First impressions: Youtube.com

I loved the cubey 3D look to this game so I thought I'd give it a shot! It didn't turn out to be quite as polished as I had first though but hey, you can't win them all right? It's still very promising and hopefully by the time it's fully released it'll *feel* like a much more complete game!

One thing I loved about this, that sorta drew me to it, was the logo for the game - I admit it! And the cover art available for Eekeemoo is pretty fricken cool as well!

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