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In the distant future, E06 is activated on a journey between worlds due to an unknown anomaly. His protocol tells him to get to the bottom of this, but nothing is as it seems ...

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Discover with Expedition Unit 06 new worlds. Solve the riddles of ancient civilizations and fight for survival with an energy arc.

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I want to introduce you our first game E06 - Anomaly. Its a Puzzlegame where you have a bow and different types of Arrows. You have to solve puzzles and fight against enemys and bosses. Watch your ammunition because its also your life.

Enemies have different attack patterns, some are fast-paced others spit acid.


Some tricky jump passages await you. The collisions allow you to jump on every object.


There are many puzzles that can be solved by the different types of arrows and the observation of the environment.


Explore varied worlds that differ greatly from each other.


A fast gameplay video from VertexAman Gaming

Have fun playing :)

Trailer: Youtube.com
Steampage: Store.steampowered.com

Best regards
Aro Games

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