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Dymoria is an indie tile/voxel-based MMO that is in early production; it is a 3rd person sandbox survival game with no quests, no bosses, and no 'end game'. The goal of Dymoria is to survive as long as you can; against the hostile world and its predators which will seek to consume you, or other players who intrude upon your home. Dymoria will feature casual, time/turn based combat and stylish low poly graphics in the post-post apocalyptic world, long after a war brought about the end of civilization. Humanity barely clings to existence, and nature has taken over. The dominant species of the world are large, meat eating plants with a hunger that can only be satisfied by your death. The creatures of this world will not be passive kills for you; they will be actively hunting you. You will not the undefeatable hero, you will be the prey... It's not about the fight... it's about the struggle to survive.

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