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  • Destroy your enemies with upgradeable lasers, targeting torpedoes, area of explosion cannons.


  • Or deflect their own projectiles back at them.


  • Use the deflect blaster to get out of dicey situations.


  • Dodge and deflect your way through obstacles.


  • Encounter epic boss battles.


  • Exchange points for munitions, life, and upgrades or vice versa.


  • Get the best scores with the online leaderboards.


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  • Main Game (11 Lvls approx. 1 - 2 hrs of entertainment)
  • 3 Difficulties (Novice, Veteran, Elite)
  • Training Level
  • Survival Mode (Mini-game)
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Preferences (Graphics / Audio / Customizable Controls)
  • Supports XBox, PS Controllers and legacy gamepads and joysticks.
  • Supports 10 Languages (English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, Italiano, русский, 日本語, 한국인, 简体中文)

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Welcome to a future remote generation of the human race! Your purpose here is dire for evil inter-dimensional beings and their anunnaki serpents have disguised themselves as the Galactic Federation of Light! The evil ones have taken over Earth, have degraded all that walk upon it, and have crowned themselves God. Your mission as captain of the most advanced ship in the universe is to free Earth; however this will not be easy.

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The official online scoreboards are complete and work has started on the Steam, Itch, and Kartridge API's. At this time, I would like to briefly share the techniques I've incorporated into the game to deter hackers.

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All major variables that affect gameplay have been given a duplicate to be checked against. If there is a difference between the two, the application will quit. The duplicated variable is encrypted using a math formula that is randomly generated each time the game starts; making it next to impossible for users to change variables in the game.

article5 2

Communication between the application and the website hosting the scoreboards is encrypted using 256 bit encryption. The PHP scripts are also password protected. Anyone who is logging http requests will probably never be able to manipulate scores through that method.

article5 3

Lastly for any skilled hackers with decompilers, I've obfuscated my code to make it hell to read. So players can feel confident that the online scoreboards reflect true scores.

Working on Music. Have a Listen!

Working on Music. Have a Listen!


Uploaded music samples from the Dyflexion soundtrack.

New Intermission Screen and Trailer!

New Intermission Screen and Trailer!


Lastest developement of Dyflexion and new trailer showcasing bosses.

New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date


New gameplay trailer and release date given. Steam Next Fest Announcement. Final list of work to do.

DevGAMM Fall 2021 Industry Gaming Conference

DevGAMM Fall 2021 Industry Gaming Conference


Aberration has been submitted to the DevGAMM Fall 2021 conference.


This game is pretty addicting. Looking forward to tracking it's development!!

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PiscesStudios Creator

Thanks for your support! =] Still hard at work here and will be updating soon.

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