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Do you love survival sandbox strategies? Then welcome to project DWox!

Exploration and colonization of unknown world awaits you. Under your command is the group of colonists, trying to survive in inhospitable conditions of an alien planet. Many difficulties and challenges lie ahead: hunger, cataclysms, wild animals and star pirates attacks, terrifying diseases, lack of resources and energy. Will you be able to master the cutting edge technologies, build a secure base and provide protection for the colonists? Their lives, as well as the fate of humanity, is in your hands!

Key Features

  • Hardcore survival sandbox game with awesome 3D graphics
  • Challenging planet colonization and base management gameplay
  • Deep technology development and skill system
  • Realistic characters with customization and advanced simulation
  • Randomized events and threats for high replay factor
  • Immersive ambient and soundtrack
  • Plenty more features yet to come

Story Plot
Year 2325. The cure for cancer had been found, wars had become meaningless, organics and machines had been living in symbiosis. Most importantly, humanity had finally started the colonization of the neighbor worlds. Then suddenly, everything ended…

The sun is fading fast and our brightest minds cannot find the cause. Soon all will plunge into darkness and our planet will break free from its orbit, departing towards its demise.

Project DWoX is our last hope. A handful of brave volunteers is leaving the Solar System on an unprecedented mission – to find a suitable planet, build stargates and give humanity another chance.



Sandbox + Survival + RTS + Sim + Tactics

You can do it

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Cargo Drones

Imagine that your brave colonists departed to extract the minerals needed to stop the leak in that ill-fated nuclear reactor…

Here they are slaving away in the depths of the mine, forming neat piles of freshly mined minerals at their feet. But who will bring the resources to the base? Will one of the colonists have to give up this undoubtedly exciting activity? We pondered upon this and decided – nope! After all, it’s year 2325 and technological progress marches on.

Meet Cargo Drone – an unmanned aerial vehicle. Functioning in automatic mode, this little helper will tirelessly deliver a variety of objects from point A to point B. Just adjust its priorities, and it will do the rest on its own. However, Cargo Drone’s combat capabilities are limited, so the transport routes should be protected as far as possible.

Screenshot 1

First sketch of drone's appearance:

Cargo Drone T1

That’s how they look now in the game:

Screenshot 10

Screenshot 15

We plan to give players ability to enhance and boost drones – you will be able to modify their appearance, capacity, speed, protection from external threats and other important parameters. And in the future, who knows, maybe we’ll add combat drones too. What are your thoughts on this?

Take a look at Cargo Drone model in full 3D below.


Interface: Night and Day

Our perfectionist designer is doing his best to make GUI visually laconic, eye pleasing and intuitive. It is still work-in-progress, but he has already managed to create a fluorescent lighting effect, which is rather helpful, considering there will be a day/night cycle change in the game. You can see the results of his heroic efforts on the screenshots below.

Ingame v02 00

Ingame v02 01

P.S. Also, we’ve created a somewhat meditative gameplay video for those who’s in search for relaxation:

Building electric networks

Even in the most forsaken corner of the galaxy the colonists are doing their best to make their lives more comfortable. And what comfort is there without electricity?

As you probably already know, our game will have several types of electricity generators – powered by wind, solar radiation, nuclear energy etc. They all have one thing in common – something that will connect them to lighting, blaster turrets and production stations. Electrical networks.

Blog 2016 12 15 02 700x431

We’re trying to make a convenient mode for designing electrical networks and rearranging them should a need arise. For example, switch the power to the reserve generator if the main one is destroyed by the invading man-eating mole-people or flash from the nearest star.

blog 2016 12 15 03 u9mijkms

Welcome to the Devblog of the sci-fi project DWoX!

Welcome to the Devblog of the sci-fi project DWoX!

News 2 comments

Welcome to the Devblog of the sci-fi project DWoX! Here we will talk about all stages of development, ask for your opinions and share our plans for the...

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