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Dwarf Space: Reactor Command is an Action-Arcade-Shoot'em Up. The Space Brewery is under attack, the Unibees want to take back their honey and destroy the brewery, and if they succeed dwarves everywhere will lose the one and only supply of Star Mead! For such high stakes, the player must race to defend the brewery and deliver barrels of mead to the space dock whenever the transport ship docks to protect the precious Star Mead for thirsty dwarves everywhere. All the while keeping the nuclear reactors from over-heating by filling them with coolant and keep the dwarves manning the anti aircraft turrets drunk by giving them plenty of Star Mead, dwarves fall asleep if they're sober...

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Added new enemies, new game play features, and an epic space-locomotive.

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Hey everyone! I wanted to get this out before Christmas, it's packed with goodies and I think overall the game has been much improved by the new additions.

You can play the game for free here: Dwarf Space: Reactor Command.

*Added Music

*Player controls reactor power output, which turrets and mead production are now dependant on.

*A crew member has been added to help keep the reactors cool and to deliver mead to the transport ship (only after the reactors are taken care of...for obvious reasons...)

*The transport ship has been upgraded to an awesome space-locomotive-engine, and now will come under focussed attack by unibees when it docks, if the transport is destroyed it's game over!

*Completely new UI with flashing alerts and clear bars to indicate what's happening (still missing a few things, but those will be added in the next update)

*Buffed the machine-gun, much more satisfying now.

*Nerfed the shotgun, was too OP before.

*Added 2 new types of Unibees; tiny red ones that focus on attacking the player, and giant green ones that focus on doing massive damage to turrets.

*I cleaned up the tooltips a bit, (still needs a bit more tinkering though).

*Added option to disable physics-corpses of enemies for lower end machines.

*Added toggleable Anti Aliasing.

Well that's about it, I may have left a couple things out, but you'll discover them when you play! I have a few more things I want to do, maybe even make the game into a commercial release, but I'll discuss that in a future update when I have everything planned in my head. I know there will be at least one more update to the game, it will add more crew options and armed crew members for when things get really intense, maybe a few other trifles as well.

Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!


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Dwarf Space: Reactor Command
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