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DungeonsAndMines.com - Lost In The Dark is a webbased Arcade-Time-Management-Dungeon-Crawler I am actualy working on. It´s fun to play - so give it a chance... Features: Single- and multiplayer, Highscores (only local at the moment), retro graphics style, different game modes (easy, medium, battle...) random generated dungeons, different areas, powerUps and the special old school feeling of this game... Enjoy it! Stefan

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Today we uploaded a new version of D&M Lost In The Dark with the following features (we know there is still a lot to do)... You are invited to test the Game - it´s FREE!

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  1. Multiplayer (Battle),
  2. Easy and Medium Mode,
  3. More Areas,
  4. improved graphics,
  5. Highscores,
  6. Battlstatistic,
  7. new Gamemenu
  8. and some more...

The game is playable direct and free on this page: DungeonsAndMines.com

Or play the Game on Facebook: Facebook.com

Enjoy the game and please give us feedback if there are any bugs or performance issues.

Thanks for playing


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