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Dungeon Guild is a free, science fiction based dungeon adventure game featuring real time combat and challenging mysteries. Once the player has chosen his team from an interstellar cast, he is transported into a mysterious dystopian world full of challenging battles, detailed environments and advanced puzzles. Dungeon Guild offers players a dungeon adventure game like no other. Each mission is custom designed to entice players to learn new skills, solve complex thought provoking puzzles while battling unique villains from all over the galaxy. You take on the role of a paid mercenary seeking your fortune in a dystopian future investigating the frontiers of space. Environments range from ancient alien ruins, underground complexes to derelict star ships and abandoned star bases. Delve through dungeons infested by armies of demonic aliens, uncover relics from the past and discover the secrets hidden by alien races a millennia ago. This is a game like no other you have ever played.

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Our Dungeon Guild Trailer has just been released! Dungeon Guild is a free to play retro first person tactical RPG science fiction based dungeon adventure game. Players who enjoy the genius of such games as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore will enjoy this adventure game.

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