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Draw The Way is a skill-based hardcore platforming game.

You can draw whatever you want to overcome the difficulties.

So let's jump, draw, and beat all the seemingly impossible levels!


  • Coop multiplayer; Play with your friend and cooperate or just try to best them! :D
  • Unique drawing tool, which you can draw anything, like a platform to jump on or a shield to protect you from the harmful projectiles.
  • Time Freeze flashlight, which can save you from tight situations.
  • Challenging maps and difficulties.
  • Nightmare mode for the ultimate challengers.
  • Unique heroes and abilities.
  • Hardcore and rage-like gameplay.

About This Game

A strange energy is spreading around the world... The Void!

Aliens from Void dimension will come to destroy your home through the Vortexes.

The United Brains of Protection's scientists created a Robot, who can save the world.

Your mission is to find and collapse all Void Vortex on your planet.

You are the Catalyst!

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Thank you everyone for the support!
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

<A little look back this year>
Most important developments:

  • Added 6 new map
  • Added a near-death slow'mo ability (which later binded to key)
  • Minor optimization on drawing system
  • Lightning bug fixed
  • Fixed a physics bug (character sometimes stuck on ground)
  • Fixed the drawing flickering bug

[v1.0 : Co-Op update]

  • Added multiplayer (Co-Op)
  • Added new maps for multiplayer
  • Optimization on graphics and lightning (no more lag due to too many light rays in high and ultra graphics)
  • Drawing system (mesh generation) and drawing graphics reworked


  • All character is available for Co-Op as well
  • Added new effect, color and lightning for drawing. Each character has a unique color
  • Added a few fog effect to the game (it can be turned off in the settings menu)
  • Added a Brazilian Portuguese translation to the game (by Digital Kaz Brazil team)
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug (in rare cases the player icon was flickering)
  • Minor changes on maps ( easier maps )
  • Lowered the turret range and reload speed by 20% (the final value is different in each difficulty)
  • Lowered the bullet speed by 35% (the final value is different in each difficulty)

***** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *****


[Draw The Way]  Co-Op update

[Draw The Way] Co-Op update


Now you can play with your friend! Try to cooperate and finish with best score or just try to best your friend.

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