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On October 10th, 2062, Ben Campbell woke up into a very strange and uncommon day in the zombie apocalypse.

Unravel the dark truth behind the origin of the virus as you venture deep into the bloody and gruesome narrative of Down Below.

Down below is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi hack and slash cinematic platformer.

Our story takes place two years into a zombie apocalypse caused by an unknown virus.

You play as Ben Campbell, a former marine biologist, now a survivor.

As if things weren't fucked up enough, the day awaiting Ben is going to be one crazy ride.

Combat System:

You start the game without any weapons, but you will get some as you progress.

The majority of the combat in Down Below is based on close ranged fighting with melee weapons, that being said, you will eventually get some ranged weapons.

Each melee weapon has two fast weak attacks, one strong attack, one finishing attack and one charged attack.

One handed weapons can also be used when crouching, climbing or swimming.

Some weapons can be used as tools or to clear new paths.

Combo System:

Down below features a unique combo system, which lets you decide which of your weapons to use on every hit of the combo.

A combo in Down Below is a set of 4 moves, two fast and weak attacks, one strong and slow attack and a finishing attack.

Combos are done by hitting the attack button in a specific timing, if you just mash the attack button, you will get up to 2 hits combo, but you'll swing faster.

Player Mechanics:

Down Below takes a page out of the old Cinematic Platformer book.

The player movement is as you expect of a normal person... well, maybe a really-in-shape-kick-ass person, but still a person.

That includes moving speed, inertia, fall damage, reasonable height/distance jumps, walking, running, rolling, swimming, hanging on ledges, climbing, swinging on ropes and more.

Special Abilities:

You will unlock new abilities throughout the game, like wall jumping, dashing, diving and more.

Story and Characters:

Ben will meet other characters as the story unfolds, some of them will help you, some of them will require your help, some will join you fighting and many will die.

While Down Below is basically a dark and bloody story, the dialogues tend to be on the light side, with comedic reliefs that break down the tension.

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Down Below
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