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Five badasses and a Gundillac in a zombie hell.

Double Kick Heroes is an explosive metal rhythm game set in an apocalyptic world. Lead your band on a roadtrip through the wasteland! Blast zombies with your Gundillac and crush them with the power of Metal. Coming on Steam, PC, Mac & Linux in 2016.


Shoot zombies by beating the keyboard the way you’d beat a drumset. Double Kicking is the name of a drumming technique to speed up the music. But it's also the name of a deadly weapon you will have to master to survive. Grab your keyboard and let's beat it to death!

A crazy band powered by Metal

The band members are Lincoln, Snake, Derek, Randie and James. They love Metal and can't spend a day without it. Each one of them is a unique, cunning, metal player. They live in an apocalyptic world where their favourite Rock stars are scattered all around the world. Discover their story and their hidden truths.


  • Double kick zombies in the face with insane Metal music!
  • 30 tremendously fucking awesome quality Metal songs by a legendary video game AND Metal composer. Isn't it a perfect reason to sacrifice kittens?
  • Import your own music, play community designed tracks, edit your favorite songs and share challenges!
  • Unlock new gear and pimp your Gundillac.
  • Rodriguez infused background story about being weird guys and gals who live for Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal.
  • Explosions, rebels, militias, undeads, road-rage, madness, apocalypse. Ready to hit the fury road?
  • The only fucking awesome rock and metal rhythm game for Steam, what more?
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Travel the world with your Gundillac

Hey metalheads! This month we’re working on our heroes’ nice holiday trip. Destroyed landscapes, zombie sharks, burned leisure parks, Hellwood and many other tourism sites…come on get in the car!


Double Kick will be split into multiple chapters, each one with a unique plot. The heroes’ journey will span all over the world. From the good old America through the cold Northern Europe, this chapter will end in the gloomy Transylvania. You can pretty much say they’re going on a highway to hell. *badum tss*. But it certainly won’t be the end of the road. We will be crafting new chapters in the future.

California Dreamin’

One of the sweet locations that have been devastated by the Zombipocalypse is California. Say goodbye to Disneyland and welcome to HELLWOOD. For this occasion, we even added new graphic effects you will be able to see ingame such as blood trails and fogs.

Meet the Garage

Every metalhead needs a good beer and some rest to do harcore handbanging. This safezone is one of the game’s hub. From there you’ll be able to speak with the characters, unlock objects and get new missions. Will you be able to recognize our special cameo in this pic? If you can’t, just break your bones and use it as drumsticks, it should remind you of something.

Stunfest & Goodies

We’re really glad to be selected to show our games at the Stunfest in Rennes, France. We will be there between the 20th and 22th of May. The Stunfest is a great festival for indies. There is a powerful mood and it feels like belonging to a family. Well, a family that fights each other on Street Fighter, but still. For the occasion we’ve printed out and made some goodies. You’ve always dreamed of going on a trip with some heavy metal. TAKE THIS CD WITH YOU.

Monster drafts

We had a lot of feedbacks about how zombies were kinda overused. Let’s try to improve that and make an even more interesting lore in the game. We will do chapter based theme with their own monsters such as the zombie shark in the devastated California.

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Double Kick Heroes : Post Jam Version

Double Kick Heroes : Post Jam Version

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The post Jam version of Double Kick Heroes. It's short, fun, over packed with action and powerful #METAL

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