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After finding out you old friend Donald has been put in a mental asylum following the murder of 6 people, you take a visit to see him. Upon arriving you realize the building seems run down and abandoned, even though you received a letter from there just two days ago. But what you eventually find there, you will never forget.

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Fun! 9/10

I don't really like it. Doesn't tell you controls or give you hints if you can't find something, nor does it give ou (or maybe does) or doesn't tell you how to use a flashlight. On top of that, the game is too dark too see much, especially if there are items I need to find. Died about 5 times before I just uninstalled the game. 1/10.

This game is awesome.

I am aware that FPS creator is a very basic engine and it can be hard to compete with those made on unity but i simply did not like this game. The mechanics were poor there was little atmosphere and went i transitioned to the next area the game crashed on me and believe me it wasnt my computer.

Just like jeff the killer game


GOTY 2035

Actually I had a long laugh with this game, Much kudos <3


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Another boring horror game with models from model packs...


May be better.


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