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Don-Yoku it's an old school Shmup, fast frantic, technical and hard, as you like it.

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Introducing Don-Yoku

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Welcome To Don-Yoku

Welcome back to the 90's with a modern twist.
If you are an expert and you know what a Danmaku or a Shmup is, or you have no idea of what I'm talking about, in either cases you are welcome here.

Welcome to dire tale of broken friendship and treachery, where Greed is cause of many wrongs but also a powerful tool to correct them.
Fly with either The duchess, The Baron or with Iron Chin their master, in the sky of 1920's Europe, hunting your former comrades, now turned rogues; "Luftpiraten" they call themselves, that's what they are, just pirates.
Each character has his own motive to chase the awesome bounty on their enemies, some nobles, some less, but each one uses the power of greed to fuel incredible powers.
Unleash the power of the Don-Yoku Shoheki, the greed barrier, or the unstoppable Don-Yoku Shoten, the greed focus, to smite your foes into oblivion, or simply let loose all your Don-Yoku and wipe the screen clear of bullets.
Collect the bounty in form of coins get them to the end of each stage to rake up massive bonuses!
Will you control your greed? The more you wait, the more you can potentially gain, but the harder it gets. Succumb to your greed and try to overstretch yourself and loose everything.

In Don-Yoku greed is your most powerful ally....and your worst enemy.

Welcome to Don-Yoku!
Learn more at our WebSite

Some footage from the ongoing Beta 0.5.3

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