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Dominions: Priests Prophets & Pretenders is a turn based fantasy game in which you take the role of a pretending god. Each pretender is Lord and Master of one of fourteen cultures, each with its own individual strengths and weaknesses. With the aid of soldiers and mages you will conquer the lands of your neighbors in a struggle for total domination. This is an old game and it is now available again for those who wants some Dominions nostalgia or maybe just want to show their support for Illwinter Game Design. If you haven't played any Dominions game previously you should start with Dominions 3 as it's a lot better. (Go to Dominions 3 to find a forum where you can discuss this game and get technical support)

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FYI this game is older than dom3 ...
Oddly they started by the one, then they have made the 2nd and then the 3rd ... Weird.

Anyway if you have any interest in this game consider adding few bucks and take dom3. (Totally if you are looking for MP)

Game with good content and ugly graphics and interface. Superseded by Dominions 2 and 3 in every aspect.


HOW? How is it possible to release a game thats is worse than previus games from the same studio, using the same graphics?

The interface is horrendous, resizing the window kills all graphics, just making a new game to play takes MORE effort.

Its like they take Dominions 3 and think... mm how could we make this game WORSE? Oh i have an idea... and realeased this.


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