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The Old God has left the world and the pretenders are awakening and coming out from hiding. You start the game by designing one of the pretender gods that will compete for true ascension to godhood. The type of god can range from a magically powerful arch mage to an ancient kraken or a mystic monolith that people pray to. Your pretender controls one of over sixty different nations and with the help of that nation he will spread his word and battle the other pretenders. Dominions 3 is a turn based strategy game. You can play single- or multiplayer (1 - 23 players) with simultaneous turns. There are more than 1500 different units, 600 spells and 300 magic items in the game. The game also features a medieval musical score by Erik Ask Uppmark and Anna Rynefors, both awarded the title of Musicians of the Realm by the Swedish Zornmärkeskommiten. Dominions 3 is a highly detailed game and a 300 page pdf manual is included in the download.

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mind burn check against? (Games : Dominions 3: The Awakening : Forum : General Discussion : mind burn check against?) Locked
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Apr 6 2013 Anchor

hey guys, quick question. can anyone tell me the formula for mind burn check? thanks in advance.

Apr 6 2013 Anchor

I think it should be a basic magic resistance check with the appropriate modifiers for magic paths (i.e bonuses to attacker for high astral, bonuses for defender for high astral).

Apr 6 2013 Anchor

thanks edi.

ok vets, need a little more specifics on the mind burn check. i read one of calahan's old posts and would like some clarification :(

say an S2 mage casts mind burn in combat, what is the defender's MR check against -- 10, 11 or 12?

if he's pushed up to S3 (either with PotS or LotNS), does the check increase? what if he's pushed up to S4?

also, in game it says AN12+ but in mod-insp it says AN10+. I suppose that the difference of 2 comes from the S2?
so would it be right to say that S4 does AN14 + attacker's DRN - defender's DRN?

thanks in advance.

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