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Divided Unity: Shadows Reach is an Action Role-Playing, First Person shooter (AKA Role-Playing Shooter) set in a unique Dieselpunk themed world rich with history and diverse cultures. You play as the child of a mech builder (known as Remote Platforms), who reluctantly agrees to join the military branch of the government in an attempt to restore the last fragments of a shattered Unity. How you choose to do so will have lasting repercussions on the nation and its people.

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This week, we want to introduce to you all our world through the eyes of one of its own inhabitants.

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This week, we bring to you some information about our world and we want to do it in a more interesting way than just listing out like an encyclopedia.

To do that, let me first introduce to you a new character: Corwynn Lorr. Corwynn comes from a long line of journalists/historians and is now in possession of all the journals written by his ancestors. Since Corwynn was born in Nomolas, it's hard to see the place of his birth as a newcomer. However, by reading through the works of his ancestors, he's able to step back in time and read how they saw Nomolas - for the first time:

308 BU
I was granted passage, and escorted, to a land that is referred to as 'The
Territories of Neidar'. Who 'Neidar' is exactly, I hope to find out. The ships escorting me are part of a much larger armada; how large, I don't know as of yet.

The boat is reaching the shoreline and I am stunned. The land seems to be covered in blood, but I am told that the native grass of this land is a reddish color - a different color than what I am used to. I can see already I am going to miss my own country. On either side, I can see there are mountains in the distance, but how far or how big, I will have to discover when I get the chance.

Now that I have the chance to reflect on this day, I will now compile my notes into something that is more easily readable.

I found out 'Neidar' refers to the tribes here and, in fact, there are twelve of them. One people divided into twelve different territories is a bit strange to me. This..divided unity among them can either be of great benefit or a great weakness; which one of these, I have not decided yet.

I wasn't able to keep it nor make a copy for myself, but I got to see a map of this land! It's a very enclosed area, being completely surrounded by mountains, except for two areas: the sea that I came in from on one side and on the other there's access to some sort of desert. I noticed a bunch of rivers near the middle and a range of high hills, but from my notes and what I remember, there didn't seem to be anything else notable.

The twelve tribes, however, are named thusly: Epharmize, Simar, Shebarite, Amark, Narath, Levar, Jardin, Malahazits, Koltis, Bejarm, Pynrast and Vemrack. I will gather more information later, as I seem to have caused all those willing to talk to keep quiet.

I did find out these people that are in this town are of the Narath Tribe. These people are very naval; which explains the armada under their control. It seems they aren't too fond of the land dwellers and in fact, spend a lot of time aboard their ships.

I wish I could've gotten more information, but I know the more time I spend with these people, the better I'll be at getting the information I need. For now, I must rest.

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