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Go on, click download, and dive right in...

Features :

8 (count them), yes 8 glorious maps.
13 amazing achievements.
Lots of yummy fish types.
Many deadly predators.
A shop, that sells things.
A shopkeeper, who can murder you.
Too many unlockable cheats.
New game + mode.
Different difficulty levels with an unlockable, customisable one.
Graphics! Sounds! and the magic that makes everything move!


Diver is brought to you by the misguided people of team F&L, which includes :

Adam Freeman - Bricklayer

Jason Love - Scientist

Cooper Jones - Whistler

Please consider checking out more awesome music from Cooper Jones on Soundcloud.

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Diver update notes


Update notes :

16.06.15 - Diver_v1_1.zip - Fixed a minor bug.

17.09.15 - Diver_v1_2.zip - Fixed minor air supply bug.

18.09.15 - Diver_v1_3.zip - Fixed a major crash on startup bug.

18.09,15 - Diver_v1_3b.zip - Fixed the only desktop resolution allowed bug.

18.09.15 - Diver_v1_3c.zip - Fixed grey screen bug on med & low settings.

19.09.15 - Diver_v1_4.zip - Fixed some control issues.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5.zip - Fixed a rare treasure bug.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5b.zip - Temp fix for mouse sensitivity settings not saving. Will now save settings permanently after you exit introduction (2nd) map. Working on it.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5c.zip - Fixed mouse sensitivity settings saving bug. \o/

22.09.15 - Diver_v1_6.zip - Fixed some minor in-game text errors.

22.09.15 - Diver_v1_6b.zip - Fixed traceline texture id & floating fishbone issues.

24.09.15 - Diver_v1_7.zip - Fixed a reward not showing up.

27.09.15 - Diver_v1_8.zip - Added scoreboard/objectives info & more help text.

30.09.15 - Diver_v1_9.zip - Added (currently owned) air supply indicator onto (TAB) scoreboard and also increased stamina on dry land, so you can run longer.


Heya, Cobalt/Teknoskillz here.

Me and Pieface tried this the other night, very well done!

He had some problems with the screen res because his smaller monitor is touchy with the aspect ratios, and he could not see the "apply" down at the bottom in the video options area to actually apply new resolutions.

My experience however was perfect.

Surprised that the map textures cause that much of a fps hit, as they look kinda "super marioish" for lack of a better term. Well, you did lay coins on the map, so I guess thats what you get ! :)

The fish movements are really well done, congrats with that.

An idea I had was to , and I thought Primal was doing it this way, was catch the fish, eat it later by cooking it? But lets say you added all kinds of different fish , some that were rare and delicacies, could you not let him put the fish in a net, and either eat them later or sell them at the shop for some extra money? I suppose this would mean maybe different shops than what you have now, or maybe even a seafood restaurant nearby where you can sell it to them at "wholesale" (lol) and even go there to eat maybe?

I only made it to the 3rd map so far, not sure if you already have some of these things, but again good job.

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AdamFreeman Creator

Thanks for the comment.

Honestly, we had so many ideas at the start that I think it would of doubled development time to even start, fitting them all in.
In the end, we streamlined and simplified it so that it was a more focused project.
As a proof-of-concept I think it works well, given the chance to develop it further there are definitely things that would be changed and/or expanded upon.

The shop is a good example, I would have liked to have a lot more inventory. Then, you would keep hold of your previous purchases and money collected (between maps)so that you would gradually be able to save up (or sell things) and buy the more expensive items.
Unfortunately, that would have taken a lot more time to make and thus within a set time frame, other aspects would of suffered, so I decided to have a core set of items and have the player reset between each "job" (or map).

Please tell me if you manage to finish it.

I will try to reward those who conquer Diver!
(especially in New Game + mode)

Thanks again for the comment and giving it a go.


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This game looks really cool have you thought of releasing this on steam?

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AdamFreeman Creator

I was tempted.
Making these three proof-of-concept games over the past two years has been a real education for me.
I didn't intended for them to be paid for, just testing out some ideas.
I'm hoping to put my next game up for sale.
Thanks for the comment.

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