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Dinocide is a classic NES inspired old-school single-player platformer in a prehistoric fantasy world.

Dinocide tries to capture the drive and fun of this era and recreate it in a modern way!


The protagonist has to save his love interest who was kidnapped by an evil and mysterious Dinosaur God. You are accompanied by your own tame Dinosaurs, who act as a mounts, brother in arms and a true friends. With their help, you can jump higher, run faster, swim, fly and do a lot more things that an ordinary primitive man would never be able to do by himself. To reach your goal, you will travel together through the lands inhabited by ancient creatures and unknown dangers.


  • Dinosaur mounts make you faster, stronger and offer a variety of tactical abilities.
  • Non-linear progression by different routes leads to varied ways to complete your journey.
  • A multitude of different biomes to visit - deserts, jungles, forests, lava caves, oceans, ice plains and more!
  • Weird creatures. Ok, fine, we know about the dinosaurs. But millions of years ago there could be something else we have no idea about. SAS trooper skeletons, for example.
  • Unique time/life mechanic. One bar shared for both the time limit on the level and life of your character.
  • Full controller & Steam Big Picture support.
  • Classic action. Don't think. Don't feel. Just go. React. Kill. Jump. Eat. Ride. Like in the good old times! You are not here to watch a movie!
  • The unmatched fun and drive of an 8-bit era game!

You can download Dinocide demo from the official website - Dinocide.com

You can also preorder the game - Atomictorch.com

And don't forget to visit our forums - Forums.atomictorch.com

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Greetings, friends! Today we're presenting you our first Issue of Dev. Talk video!
In it we have summed up what changes took place in Dinocide since the day of its release!

Issues like that will be our regular feature from now on, so subscribe to our channel and share the video with your friends!

Dinocide update v1.4 is out!

Dinocide update v1.4 is out!


Dinocide update is here and it's packed with goodies!

Dinocide demo is here!

Dinocide demo is here!


Dinocide has successfully been Greenlit on Steam! So we decided to give everybody access the game a bit earlier than the formal full release and before...


At first - big thanks to Devs for chance to win (and win ^_^) this game in GA.
I just run it and... its awesome ;] look like almost original (need more enemys like original :P). I feel a lot younger when start play in it ;]
Only one thing - add scalling in FS (I got image on middle part of screen :) ).

Good job and all good to U ;]

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This looks fantastic.

Some advice or my personal opinions:
-More actual Dinos, not these weird Cyclops looking things.
-Add a drop/crouch to the ground feature to allow us to hit grounded enemies.
-Add in a way for the shooting of arrows in the direction we want them.
(they are just too restricted right now to hit enemies accurately)
-Different difficulty settings to allow for us to remove the hunger meter or at the very least, have food just replenish our health.

All of these are just my opinion.

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Just finished doing a playthrough of the demo! Youtube.com great game and really enjoyed the "classic" feeling

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