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Dino Hazard is a retro style Survival Horror, that takes gameplay mechanics from older entries in the genre such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dino Crisis. The aim of the game is to restrict player movement via traditional tank controls, to create a sense of tension and lack of fluid control, in order to facilitate emotions associated with the genre. Borrowing some elements from JRPGs, the environment is there to be engaged with, and find useful and unique items around various room and objects, which can be used in ways in which the player expects. This will hopefully help the player ground themselves in the environment, and consider their current location and what items that environment might bring. For example: Medicine in a Hospital; Knife in a Kitchen; Crowbar in a Warehouse; etc. By placing emphasis on environment and player control, I hope to create a unique Survival Horror experience, that caters to fans of the aforementioned pioneers of the genre.

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I've decided to call the game "Dino Hazard".
In this video, I show the camera switching system I've made in action, and I show off my completed mecanim system that deals with walking backwards/forwards, running forwards, aiming a gun (player is anchored in place like the old Resi Games) and being able to aim the gun up and down 45 degrees.

Things left to implement is a shooting system, and enemy a.i mecanim states, along with basic interaction systems for objects in the enivronment. I'm also deciding how to deal with an inventory system, and what kind of style to go for.

You can also see I've created a main female character called 'Cassandra'. She was made with a character creator software called Fuse from the people behind Mixamo. I may or may not keep this model of her, I may decide to model my own from scratch to show off my modelling skills. Right now, it's important game features are going in however, and things like characters/animations are still going to be filled in with the Anime character I've been using from the Asset Store, until the game starts taking shape and I add my own main character in.

Music used is "This House" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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