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Version 2 of Dimensional has introduced "Arcade Mode" you can now instantly jump to any challenge in the game and also tag your favourites to create a playlist that you friends can play. The game should now be a great way to demo what VR is capable of.

About This Game

A first-person, narrative-driven puzzle game. Dimensional throws you into dangerous chambers to save an alien race. This is not a passive experience. To succeed, you'll have to feel and act as though you're really there. You'll be standing, moving around, manipulating objects with realistic physics and reacting to dangers.

  • Nausea-free - a very comfortable experience that won't make you feel sick
  • Real-life movement - walk, duck, dodge, lean, jump to avoid obstacles and search your environment. Only 1.2m x 50cm required to play. Full room-scale supported.
  • Puzzles - you'll need brains, reflexes and precision to beat the chambers
  • Explore - find the hidden messages and learn the truth
  • Mic support - expect to be heard as well as seen
  • Choice - teleporting for comfort + optional FPS-style controls

More than just puzzles and action, I'm trying to put you in a variety of unique situations that can only be appreciated in VR. There's lots to experience and I have plenty more ideas coming. Here are just a few examples of what you can experience today:

  • Slide along a narrow ledge as a giant pendulum swings inches from your face
  • Test your courage by jumping off a high walkway. You're told a trapdoor will instantly rise to save you from the spikes far below
  • Carefully move your head through a narrow gap filled with spikes
  • Knock blocks out of a wall without bringing the roof crashing down on your head

There's a story for you to find. It's up to you if you want to find the hidden messages and work out what's going on, or just play through the levels and complete the puzzles.


Gamepad or Vive motion controllers

Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

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Dimensional has raised 130% of it's goal on Kickstarter (ending 11th March 2016) and is heading for it's first stretch goal to include hidden easter-eggs in the game. More features have been announced during the campaign.

Dimensional features:

  • Standing, nausea-free gameplay
  • Encourages real-life movement to complete challenges
  • Works in small spaces (1.2m x 50cm) and minimises cable issues
  • Interactive (physics-enabled) puzzles and environments
  • Dangers that evoke a sense of presence
  • An engaging story with lots to discover

DimensionalKSLogoKickstarter 700

Optional FPS-style controls

The most recent announcement was that the nausea-free locomotion system that uses physical movement and teleporting is being enhanced to optionally allow FPS-style controls to be used. The feature will be disabled by default but can be enabled by players that have become accustom to controller based movement in VR.

Optional microphone features

Another update describes how the microphone can be used to bring your voice in to the game and affect the actions of game characters. The video below shows how it works and gives examples of how it can be used in the game to interact and pass obstacles.

Greenlight campaign live

Dimensional is running a Steam Greenlight campaign and is looking for votes. If you are interested in the game please show your support on Greenlight .

Dimensional Kickstarter live

Dimensional Kickstarter live

News 2 comments

Live on Kickstarter now. An experimental VR-only game with innovative movement mechanics. Use physical actions to navigate dangerous chambers and save...

First-person VR Puzzler Dimensional Launches Kickstarter Campaign

First-person VR Puzzler Dimensional Launches Kickstarter Campaign


The game addresses the use of room-scale tracking in a small area in an innovative way.

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Dimensional Demo v2.0.1

Dimensional Demo v2.0.1


Quick patch to fix issue for Oculus users with a single camera. V2.0.0 notes - The demo has now been updated with numerous improvements including upgrading...

Dimensional Demo v2.0.0

Dimensional Demo v2.0.0

Demo 1 comment

The demo has now been updated with numerous improvements including upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.15 and using the Forward Shader with MSAA.

Dimensional demo v1.0.0

Dimensional demo v1.0.0


This is a demo of the full release of Dimensional (i.e. out of Early Access). It includes tracked controller support and various improvements

Dimensional - demo 0.4.2

Dimensional - demo 0.4.2


Added Oculus Touch Support + general fixes and improvements

Dimensional - demo v0.3.6 - Halloween edition

Dimensional - demo v0.3.6 - Halloween edition


The Dimensional demo has been temporarily extended to include a Halloween Trial within The Trails level. Use Digby to smash pumpkins. Use the environment...

Dimensional - demo 0.3.1

Dimensional - demo 0.3.1


Bug fixes and improvements over 0.2.2. This demo includes the first two levels + The Jump (in credits level) + the Laser challenge (in The Trials level...


Your game is looking good! I hope I can make my game Zukara seem immersive like yours.

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