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You, James Smith (served in SWAT for a decade with no failed ops and now working as a detective), on vacation going to visit your family. Driving on a deserted road somewhere in Utah, the car brakes down. With miles of nothing behind, J. decides to go forward and stumbles upon an abandoned rock/sand processing factory with just one yawning guard sitting there. Pointed by the guard, J. walks behind the factory to find the phone. When he comes back, he only sees two army trucks and the dead guard… J.'s detective curiosity leads him inside the factory only to find that this place is absolutely not what it seems to be… ***Just to clarify a few things!*** 1) This is a Xash engine mod based on Half-Life assets (reskin/retex npc/wpn (custom mdls, or simply retex) 2) BUT: story doesn't have anything to do with HL universe AT ALL. Here's why: 3) I'm only mapper (I don't know coding, modelling, texturing) therefore: 4) I'm using models and textures I got from web, all rights go to creators!

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