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Didgery is a unique merger of card and puzzle that blends fun explosive action with thoughtful strategy. Sit back and relax in Zen Mode, or put your skills to the ultimate test by battling the forces of evil in Nightmare Mode. Change up the rules with Special Cards, uncover a fantastical back-story of biblical proportions, and immerse yourself in the relaxing zen-like atmosphere. Didgery is a fun, addictive, and fresh experience for both puzzle and card aficionados.

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In this post I discuss the shortcomings of my unique puzzle game Didgery, and how I am addressing those issues to make Didgery a more fun and approachable puzzle game.

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I recently talked with the excellent folks at Desura regarding publishing Didgery onto their platform. They thought it would be a great idea! In light of this, I wrote down a list of semi-minor adjustments that will Didgery a more approachable, satisfying, and fun game. Many of these adjustments stem from complaints or suggestions over the years, such as the addition of a Casual (a.k.a. Zen) Mode, or an improved trailer and description. Below is a PodCast in which I discuses the upcoming changes in-depth.

So what do you think? Is there room for improvement in other areas of the game? Are there additional barriers keeping people from playing Didgery?


Really interesting video. It's pretty clear you're obviously very passionate about your game, and that is awesome. Some developers would be unwilling to make a lot of changes to their game to improve community response. Now some comments on the video itself:

I actually liked the stats screen, but I agree the style isn't very good.

Here's another idea: What about another mode, which is timed. Maybe you get 1 or 2 or 3 minutes to match cards on an endless board (like Zen Mode), with highscores?

Also, given the story aspect of 'Nightmare mode', will you be adding in a way to actually complete the story?

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LotusGames Author


The stats screen will still be around, but it will be accessible from the main menu instead of popping up during the game. I'm thinking of using a simple wood texture or something at the moment, as the bright orange just doesn't fit. I would also like to eventually add in global leader-boards for stats, though it may be two or three iterations down the road before I get this added in. I think it would be cool to compare your longest chain, survival length in Nightmare Mode, etc. with other player's of Didgery.

Nightmare Mode still has the storyline as before, though the parchments appear only within Nightmare Mode. Zen doesn't have the storyline or Didgery Summon, as it sort of takes place at a different time in the made up history of Didgery.

Another thing I really want to add in is more RPG elements, like crafting armor pieces or magical artifacts that can be equipped to the elements. Maybe this is a bit too much, but I'm very much drawn to the idea.

The mode you mentioned sounds neat! I'll have to keep it in mind and implement it in the future. You will get a spot in the credits of course :)

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