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We have always believed that God sent his son into the world to save us. But, what if that is not what happened? What if the world cannot be saved? The real story is about to be revealed.

DESOLATIUM: PROLOGUE is a first-person point & click Graphic Adventure based on Lovecraft Mythos. Live this horror story where you will have to visit mysterious locations, face lovecraftian creatures, find clues and combine objects to solve puzzles.

Get ready and dive into the beginning of the story, because the full game is coming soon:


Explore a city outside the limits of time and space; meet mysterious characters who will guide you on your journey.


Face lovecraftian creatures that came from the most remote places in the universe to test your sanity.


Find clues to move forward and uncover an intriguin backstory.


Interact with the objects around you to solve complex puzzles in order to get to the terrible presence of a cosmic entity of immense power: Cthulhu.

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Hi everyone!

Desolatium Prologue SCREENSHOT 0

After a few months since the launch of Desolatium: Prologue and coinciding with the anniversary of SUPERLUMEN (6 years!), we have decided to give a gift to anyone who wants to start getting to know the universe of Desolatium: Desolatium: Prologue will become free from next week!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us by buying the game and leaving us a review: you were the first to trust Desolatium: Prologue and thanks to you, the development of the final game - DESOLATIUM - has continued. As an indie studio these aids are very valuable to us.

We believe that the time has come for more people to join the Lovecraftian universe that we have created, and to know the beginning of the story that will be launched in 2022, DESOLATIUM.

If you are a Lovecraft fan, you no longer have any excuses not to play Desolatium: Prologue, and if you are not but you have a friend who only talks about primal gods, sectarians and names "Cthulhu", recommend it!

Add Desolatium to your Wishlist if you don't have it yet, the cosmic horror is coming soon and is waiting for you!

See you in Carcossa,

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