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In Deluded Mind™, you take on the role of Dean Catrall, an FBI agent whose daughter was murdered by a criminal organization looking for revenge. In spite of the tragic loss, you continue to work as an FBI agent and will be incapacitated and kidnapped during an operation.

You wake up at the psychiatric institution "Hillstone Asylum" and find that you have been given a potent hallucinogen. Your kidnapper's note tells you that your FBI partner Robert Page is also inside the institution.

As you cross the corridors of Hillstone Asylum, you notice that there's something wrong with you: The hallucinogen shows its effects and literally puts you in hell on earth.

How can you tell reality from illusion?


  • Extreme horror: Due to a hallucinogen, you literally experience hell on earth. Feel reality and fantasy merge into an unforgettable experience.
  • Stunning graphics: High-quality graphics offer you an incredibly detailed yet terrifying environment.
  • Breath-taking plot: Uncover your past and confront things beyond our imagination.
  • World-class sound effects: Every sound will freeze the blood in your veins.
  • Ruthless punishments: The longer you need to solve a puzzle or solve it incorrectly, the harder the hallucinogen will punish you.
  • Random generator: Randomly generated events provide a varied gaming experience.


Interface, Full Audio Support, Subtitles: ENGLISH


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Limburg, 12 June 2018

Do you feel up for a little psycho-horror? The horror adventure game Deluded Mind made by German developer Pyxton Studios will be available on Steam for Windows operating systems starting this Friday, June 15, 2018.

In Deluded Mind, you slip into the role of FBI agent Dean Catrall, who is put out of action and regains consciousness in a mental hospital. It becomes clear that something is wrong, as the FBI agent is under the influence of a strong hallucinogen. Your job is to find your FBI partner and escape from the mental hospital together. However, this task puts your mind to the test.

Besides the detailed graphics and the oppressive atmosphere, Deluded Mind offers another special feature - randomly generated events. The storyline remains the same, but individual events are triggered differently for each game run.

The release trailer of this horror adventure game is already available for viewing. It can be viewed by following this link: Youtube.com

If you are brave enough to play Deluded Mind, you can buy the game on Steam on Friday via the following link: Playdeludedmind.com

Horror game “Deluded Mind” will be released this June on Steam

Horror game “Deluded Mind” will be released this June on Steam


After more than two years of development, game developer Pyxton Studios has set a date that will delight many horror fans: on June 15th, the game “Deluded...

Press Release - March 11th

Press Release - March 11th

News 2 comments

After six months of development, Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability) is ready to publish the first video of the horror game Deluded Mind.


VR only?

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PyxtonStudios Creator

We haven't considered a VR version of the game yet. We are working on optimizing the game at the moment and if there is still time before the release, we will consider this feature. Possibly also at a later date after publication.

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