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Try life as a strange jellyfish on a remarkable world. Learn to fly through the skies of a psychedelic Venus to explore and make your species flourish.

Deep Under The Sky details the strange and exotic life cycle of the Venusian Jellyfish, a symbiotic creature which lives amongst the majestic Sky Whales, high in the clouds of Venus. Scatter your children among the Sky Whales and then help them flourish by nurturing them and fighting off the parasites that threaten to make a meal of them.

Come with us, relax, learn to really fly.

The gameplay is a deep exploration of single button input, and the player triggers a string of jellyfish abilities one after the other to achieve complex and organic results.

Float through 80 levels in 4 worlds. Compare times with your friends and try to find all the secrets to unlock a darker, harder difficulty.

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IGF Finalists

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The IGF Awards take place on the evening of the third day of Game Developers Conference, and are a major celebration of the best in indie gaming, with thousands watching the award presentation before the Game Developer's Choice Awards are presented distributing seven major awards at its ceremony, as follows:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($30,000)
Excellence In Visual Art ($3,000)
Excellence In Audio ($3,000)
Excellence in Design ($3,000)
Excellence in Narrative ($3,000)
Nuovo Award ($5,000)
Audience Award ($3,000)

In addition, the IGF's Student Showcase competition, which is the premiere competition highlighting the top student-created indie games, also gives out the following awards each year:

IGF Student Showcase Winner (seven winners, $1,000)
Best Student Game ($3,000)

The Festival Awards will take place March 4, 2015.

80 DaysBecome A Great Artist In Just 10 SecondsComing Out Simulator 2014CurtainDeep Under the SkyDesert GolfingDonut CountyElegy For A Dead WorldElse Heart Break()Ephemerid: A Musical AdventureFramedFuture UnfoldingHelixhow do you Do ItHyper Light DrifterIce-Bound: A Novel of ReconfigurationInternational Jetpack ConferenceKeep Talking and Nobody ExplodesKiller QueenMemory of a Broken DimensionMetamorphabetOquonieOuter WildsPhonopathPRYPush Me Pull YouRooftop CopSmash HitTetrageddon GamesThe Sailor's DreamThe Talos PrincipleThe Vanishing of Ethan CarterThree Fourths Home

Check out the finalists below.
Killer Queen, Three Fourths Home, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Talos Principle, The Sailor's Dream, Tetrageddon Games ,Smash Hit, Rooftop Cop, Push Me Pull You, PRY, Phonopath, Outer Wilds, Oquonie, Metamorphabet, Memory of a Broken Dimension, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, International Jetpack Conference, Ice-Bound: A Novel of Reconfiguration, Hyper Light Drifter, how do you Do It, Helix ,Future Unfolding, Framed, Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure, Else Heart Break(), Elegy For A Dead World, Donut County, Desert Golfing, Deep Under the Sky, Curtain, Coming Out Simulator 2014, Become A Great Artist In Just 10 Seconds, 80 Days

The Independent Games Festival competitions have a diverse, industry leading set of judges which includes representatives from mainstream games, the press, significant independent gaming websites, as well as previous winners, finalists and a number of indie veteran judges from the previous IGF judging pool.

Who will take the grand prize?, Keep an eye on the games profile for the winners announcement.

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