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DeCalc is a puzzle game that makes math fun! It's like reversed calculator - you get a result and your job is to arrange the buttons so when pressed in given order, you get that result. There are several twists and rules that enrich the puzzles as well.

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Decalc is a really fun and cheap puzzle game, several modes giving plenty to do and the graphics do their job well. Could do with some more interesting music though to help things keep moving at a good pace but other than that, its well worth the asking price and maybe a little bit more.

I couldn't even consider this a game. It's some piece of educational software a kid in elementary school would get shoved under his nose after he is done with his regular assignments.
It has no place on Desura, it has no place to be on my harddisk, and it certainly does not deserve the price. Got it in a bundle, and I rather would have dumped the key into oblivion than actually redeemed it and have it on my games list permanently.
Execution of the 'game' is not good as well. Plain boring.

Just as expected from Frooxius; fantastic at what it does and the music is brilliant O.O


The difficulty is balanced but gets greater with each level (which is a good thing :). Sometimes I got stuck on some levels, though. But after solving them, I felt even more accomplished. Also both the endless mode and the arcade mode have 5 sets of difficulties, so there is virtually an endless amount of puzzles to solve. For the last point, the music fits the atmosphere perfectly in my opinion. It's calming and sets you up for puzzle action ;)


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