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Death needs a replacement. You're just the Grunt for the job. But unfortunately you're not the only grunt fighting for Death's job.Perseverance, quick reflexes and a quick trigger finger are the only thing that will help you survive. Reach the 13th Depth and defeat Death to Win! Features -Randomly Generated Levels and Enemies -Fast and Quick Combat (No health bars/pickups, One hit kills) -Permadeath -3 Boss fights (for now) -Statistics This game is in development so feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Also, the game might be in a buggy or just overall shitty state, so don't mind it too much. Epilepsy Warning : There is a short cutscene that occurs when you pick up a Scythe at the end of the game. A cutscene of about 10 seconds in length will play in which the screen will flash black and white rapidly. I may remove this in the future. But for now, you've been warned.

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Yes, an update for Deathbound like I promised I would ages ago. Well, I don’t know if I promised me or this blog or my legion of 2 fans this update, but it’s out regardless. You'll see some of the UI and Texture changes below.

Also at the end of the page are the Release notes!

Download it below :

Deathbound v0.2





UI & Menu

  • Changed font in menu for clarity
  • Game is now playable in multiple resolutions and Full screen.
  • Fixed some UI resolution issues. Game should run in multiple resolutions okay now.
  • Removed background menu animations.
  • Changed font on Statistics, Leaving page and About page
  • Changed font and UI in game

Gameplay Tweaks & Changes

  • Increased Wasp Boss Movement speed and Shooting speed
  • Reduced hitbox size for Wasp damage. Was too easy to hit.
  • Increased Wasp health
  • Defeating Wasp Boss now gives 3000 points in reward
  • Added new Ground textures
  • Caverns have now been changed to Valley
  • Added rain to Valley
  • Increased Demonhead Boss health
  • Fixed Hit box for Demonhead damage (hits on eyes would sometimes not register)
  • Increased Demonhead movement speed
  • The Deep level depth algorithm decreased. Shorter dungeons.
  • Added new colour and Fog to the Deep
  • Added some enemies to the boss fight with Death.
  • Increased Death’s speed and health.
  • Defeating Death now rewards 8000 points

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Deathbound v0.2

Deathbound v0.2

Full Version

DEATHBOUND update featuring UI, Texture and Gameplay changes.

Deathbound   PC

Deathbound PC


Deathbound 0.1 is the first release for the in development Roguelite/Shooter.

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