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Exiled on a faraway, unknown land, lead Eirik and his family on their quest to survive. Manage their physical and mental health, explore the island, organize your camp and deal with other human beings. Some will help you, if you want, and some will be less docile… Unveil the esoteric mysteries of Vinland. They could save your life… or lead you to your demise.

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The second DLC for Dead In Vinland is finally available! Will you be able to survive as long as humanly possible in "Battle Of The Heodenings"?

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Hello survivors! It’s finally here! The DLC “Battle Of The Heodenings” is finally available!

Today, we'll go through the main features of the new DLC, and we'll also present the patchnotes of the 1.3 patch!

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DLC 02 KeyArt Mockup

This mode redefines one of the main goals of Dead In Vinland: survive. Now, you are free to choose your team to survive as long as possible, in this endless, sandbox-y mode!

Batte Of The Heodenings

When choosing a new game, owners of the DLC will be able to choose either “Story mode” or “Heodening”, which will launch the endless mode of Dead In Vinland.

Choose your character

When starting a new game in Heodening, you’ll have to choose any 4 characters you want. There’s also a new option that will define your characters’ stats:

  • Generated like in the story mode: they will have the same generation algorithm, so the same overall skills and traits.
  • OR, Randomly generated: the game will follow the same generation rules than in the story mode (i.e. the same amount of total skill points on every character), but all their starting skills and traits will be procedurally generated!

DiV DLC2 Chooseyourcharacters

Customize your character

Any time your want to add a character to your camp, you can first check their starting skills, traits, and fighting skills. If you want, you can spend 1 Orichalcum Bead to customize their starting skills. You don’t have to recruit him/her right away, his/her skills will stay like this until you recruit him/her. You can also customize again and again the same character, even if it’s not really recommended since Orichalcum Beads are rather hard to get (you start the game with some to customize your starting crew).

endlessp2 03

Here, you’ll be able to spend 120 points on Innate skills and 300 points on Acquired skills.

You can see that Innate skills can’t be lowered under 20 points each, and Acquired skills under 10 points. You also have a 80 high cap for innate and 40 for acquired. These are the same rules used in the random generation.

You can also spend 1 Orichalcum Bead to customize the starting Traits of the character. The game will then let you choose Trait between a choice of 5 for all the starting Traits (historic good and bad, and the 3 random bad ones)

Trade with the Gods

DiV DLC2 Tradefreyja

Now, you can trade with the gods in exchange of Orichalcum Beads;

  • Loki sells useful items (Fire Crystals, Ancien Knowledge and Tinder)
  • Freyja gives temporary powerful blessings or instant healing
  • Thor gives temporary battle buffs.

The tributes

Now the tributes are endless: they start right away, and every week Elof will come ask for the tribute. The dialogs are at their minimal, and always the same: you’ll be able to pay him the exact amount asked, 25%, 50% or 75% of this amount, or 125%, 150% or 175% of this base amount (or nothing at all). Of course, if you give him more or less than asked, the Animosity gauge will still change accordingly. You’ll still get retribution events every 10 steps of the gauge, and if you reach 100% animosity you’ll lose the game.

The map

To make the game truly endless, we’ve reworked the map for this mode. Every number of days (for now, it’s 25), all the empty cells of the map will regenerate a random content.

DiV DLC2 Worldmap


Now the enemies you will face will automatically get an increasing number of random Traits the more days you stay on the island.

We also made a new encounter’s table: you may fight harder stacks early on, but they will have 2 bad Traits until a few dozen days have passed.

You may also encounter one of the 5 boss fights in the game.

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One of the most requested language by the player is finally available! That’s right, Dead In Vinland now fully supports:

  • Russian (Community translation. Thanks A LOT to our awesome russian translators: Gedo, Barley, Egor, Kerrael, Xippy, Suzakua, Alex))

DLC 02 Available


  • Advanced difficulty options (for all game modes): modify A TON of parameters to customize your playthrough. See full list here:
    • Modify how the states increase/lower each time. You could for example play a game where the characters don’t get any Fatigue at all, but they get twice the amount of Injury and Disease.
    • Modify how the states impact the skills: you could make it so the characters’ states don’t lower the character skills, of have twice the impact.
    • Modify the random value affected to Acquired skills at generation: choose 0 to have less random, 100 to have crazy numbers.
    • Modify the number of bad starting Traits: you could start a game with 0 random starting Traits, making it fairer to every character.
    • Modify skills and general XP bonuses. You could make a game with skills that don’t evolve at all on each use, but you get twice the general XP, making it a game around level ups!
    • Modify the number of Level Up Traits you get to choose from each level-up. If the random factor of level-ups annoys you, you could set it up to 100 and get the choice to customize your character freely.
    • Change the resources gains, the crafting speed, the exploration speed.
    • Change how fast camp stations lose condition, and how fast Natural Resources lower and regenerate.
    • Remove the chance to have special Traits when using camp stations, or double the chance to get one, and change the value of “Depression Crits”.
    • Make the diseases more or less frequent, and make them harder or easier to heal.
    • Change the chances that each character will get Dehydrated each night (I personally advise setting it to 100% chances), and change the way water rationing works (yes, you can revert to the initial values that were a bit harsher than now)
    • Adjust the chances of food rotting overnight. You can make everything un-perishable ^^
    • For Heodening mode only: Modify the number of days you have to wait between Tributes, and the difficulty of Tributes amount asked.
    • Change the animosity gains. You could make an endless game by removing them completely.
    • The chances of getting fights. If you don’t like our battle system (and it makes us sad), you can remove the battles! (not recommended: battles are an important way to get loot!)
    • Give you a boost of chance to succeed skillchecks… You know, those nasty 3-in-a-row skillchecks you have to succeed in Rune challenges? 😉
    • Some other parameters for Heodening mode: the delay between map resets, and the pace at which the battles will increase in difficulty.
    • And finally, one set of options that I’m particularly proud of: you can completely modify the probabilities each weather has to appear, depending of the current weather… Very cool! You could make an island where it constantly rains, or where there are no storms, etc… You’re a real god now!
  • Intelligence skill reworked: now modifies skills XP gains, instead of doing… nothing.
  • Added stats screen in character sheet


  • Fixed a nasty bug which prevented Angelico’s main event chain to trigger.


  • Level cap increased from 30 to 99 for all game modes (Endless AND Story)
  • Tavern changed so that relax mode is less OP:
    • Lowered depression cured in relax mode by 5.
    • Relax mode has now 10% chances to give Bored trait and 10% chances to give Demotivated trait.

We want to thank all the players! Dead In Vinland has been out for almost a year now, and we’re so happy that we’ve kept working on it since the release! There’s only one last DLC to be released after this one…

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One more thing...!

That’s right, there was ONE LAST THING we still haven’t told you about! We are very happy to announce that we’re going to release Dead In Vinland on Nintendo Switch! Stay tuned!

Switch DIV

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“Battle Of The Heodenings” is available for $4.99/4.99€/£3.99.

And that's it! We hope you're going to like this one! Here are the links to get the DLC "Battle Of The Heodenings"

DLC 02 KeyArt Mockup Vertical

And the new features/improvements included in the 1.3 Patch are of course free for every owner of Dead In Vinland!

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Happy surviving!

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