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De Feet


Welcome to Angelshire, a lost county in the United Kingdom, the site of a mysterious civil war between the Past Keepers and the Futurists. You play as Ricky, an unlikely schoolboy who has stumbled upon a pair of magical shoes. Accompanying him are his reluctant frenemy Freddy, and two girls with their own enchanted footwear.

In this story-driven RPG, every step you take may have severe ramifications. Players must engage in meaningful conversations with NPCs that set their fates in stone. Establishing relationships with the characters is essential; you can either have a romantic relationship with one of the two girls or make every comrade hate you with your decisions. With every word and action, you can alter future events, so choose wisely!

But De Feet isn't all dialogue and choices. Familiar RPG mechanics are included like stats, an inventory system, and combat. Quests can award you XP to level up and develop your character; although ammunition is rare, so you may need to rely on other methods to get past obstacles. It's time for Ricky, Freddy and the two girls to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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After several years, the new and improved De Feet has been released on Steam Early Access. This includes the first three episodes, two of which are new and improved over the previous iterations.

Choice Driven Dialogue

It has the conversations and relationship-building from the old game, plus new RPG features to make the game more complex. You can gain XP and level up to build your character, and your stats affect how you are able to achieve certain outcomes. Like levelling up your Computers skill will allow you to auto-attempt hacking and succeed.

Angelshire Mountain Cabin

People who purchase the game now, will have all future updates for free and will have the opportunity to shape the game as it develops. Any and all feedback will be listened to, and I will take that into account to further improve the game.

Future plans: I have plans to finish the last 9 episodes, which will include more quests, more opportunities to use your stats and more complex combat encounters.

The blueprints have already been done, including a good chunk of the levels.

Angelshire Lake

De Feet can be purchased here.

An overhaul of the game, based on feedback

An overhaul of the game, based on feedback


De Feet had a rather convoluted development history, spawning a few unsatisfactory games in its wake. But I’ve been hard at work to take on board feedback...

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