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What is De Feet?: De Feet is a dark RPG set in the lost UK county of Angelshire. You play as Ricky, a schoolboy who after discovering a pair of magical shoes, is thrown into a civil war between the Past Keepers and the Futurists. He is not alone, though, as his frenemy Freddy and two girls also found the magical shoes.

De Feet is a story-driven game, and so most of the game will consist of interactions with other NPCs. Everything you say and do could affect your comrades’ affinity, and their conflicting ideals makes it impossible to please everyone. Character relationship building is also a main feature in this game – you can have a romance with either of the two girls or you can even make every comrade hate you if you do enough things they disapprove of.

Everything you say and do can affect future events, so tread carefully!

Features: Unlike typical affinity systems, affinity is not a stat. Instead, all of their approvals and disapprovals are put into their memory system. This way, your approvals and disapprovals are not overwritten in the way that they would be under a stat system, and would not have the awkward feeling of “going on a date would make her forget that I killed her best friend”.

Of course, dialogue isn’t everything that you’ll be doing. You will be doing a lot of investigating which will involve interacting with the environment without a magic marker pointing the way. Combat is present with a wide variety of upgrades, which can be purchased using the many gems you find on your travels.

Like Undertale, combat is optional and can be skipped. In fact, skipping combat altogether is beneficial because killing enemies increases your insanity stat instead of increasing XP. The more insanity you have, the less you will be able to interact with other characters and the story could very well move on without your input

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Due to popular request, De Feet now has a combat system in the upcoming third episode. It's possible for any character to die permanently for that game save, with the story changing to take that into account. It's also possible to play a pacifist playthrough by choosing the right dialogue options.


The lighting of the Summit Pavilion above has been improved by switching to dynamic lighting. This was already applied retroactively to the last two episodes in their latest updates.

Thanks to all of your feedback, De Feet is growing in complexity and will be a great final product once the full season is released.

Village Garden

In other news, I am now hosting a Kickstarter campaign to give you the opportunity to pre-order the third episode with Kickstarter-exclusive bonus levels. I am, however, not seeking to raise funds but if enough money is "raised", then I can include full voice acting into the game.

Watch this space for more development updates of episode 3 and what will be new in episode 4. Until then, enjoy the eye candy for episodes 2 and 3.

Creek Scene

Cafe Scene

Past Keeper Village

Past Keeper House

De Feet Devlog #1: To The Future!

De Feet Devlog #1: To The Future!


De Feet has been silent for a while. What has changed and what does the future hold for De Feet?

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De Feet Demo Dec 2017

De Feet Demo Dec 2017


The first two quests of the game - feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed.

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