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Dary's Legend is a graphical hand-drawn, roguelike dungeon crawler game. Help Dary as he embarks on a journey full of perils, monsters, traps and treasures. The game is in alpha so expect frequent updates as we build the dungeon towards the final build. System Reqs:OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher / Mac OSX 10.6+ | CPU: 1.4GHz or faster | Ram: 512MB (1GB recommended) | Graphic Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 128MB Ram | Monitor 1024x768 or higher (1280x720 or higher recommended)

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I decided to talk a bit about what I’ve been coding and changing while Rita draws all sorts of cool stuff for the dungeon.

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I decided to talk a bit about what I've been coding and changing while Rita draws all sorts of cool stuff for the dungeon.


Everything in the game revolves around turns. You attack, it ends your turn, you walk, the same. After you finish your turn it's the enemies turn, they make a decision and give turn to the next in line. When I first designed this it was coded just like that. Every single action had to wait for the previous one to finish.

This "nice" illustration shows what I mean. Bear in mind my drawing skills are obviously way far from Rita's work.


The initial builds where very slow to play, as we had to wait for each enemy to actually move (walk animation) in the dungeon. The process was slow and plain boring after a few minutes.
I then had the idea of stacking walks, had them walk at the same time. But only the ones who where going to walk, until we reached an enemuy on the list with a different action, like attacking.


This led to a faster gameplay because when walking if enemies decided to do the same they would do it simultaneously, until someone attacks. This is how the current build is working.

But for the past few days I've been trying to improve this further. If surrounded by enemies waiting for 4 different enemies to attack can lead to long waiting between turns.
So again I decided to redo the turns to accommodate simultaneous combats happening at the same time. When someone attacks, it checks the following entities in line to see if they are going to attack as well, if so, they do that at the same time.
But there's an exception to this rule. When you attack, even if the next enemy action is to attack as well, he will have to wait.
I did this to avoid confusion, let's imagine the following: you are near an enemy, both low on HP, the next hit kills either. If we attack and have the enemy attack at the same time this will lead to confusion because your hit will kill him, rendering his hit impossible, but the only way to anticipate the outcome of your hit is doing the action. Then see if enemy is still alive or not and continue.
Enemies can attack at the same time because this problem does not happen.

I have this working already, and although further testing is needed this will be on the next update. It's barely noticeable in most occasions but tiny decrements here and there lead to a more compelling gameplay.

Equipment Power comparison and price

Something that's always a bit frustrating is when you collect a new piece of equipment, a sword, a shield or something else, and you can't really remember if the power of what you have equipped is higher or lower that the one you just picked up. You have to move the cursor to your current equipped and then again to the new one.
So I changed this and now when seeing any equipment it will show you the what you gain or loose by equipping it. This does not apply to custom properties.

Also every item shows it's sell value, not only when you are in a shop. It's shown on the bottom right corner.


There's other stuff going around but I'll keep you guys updated as we progress.
Don't forget, if you don't have it you can purchase our game in Alpha right now getting a nice 40% off

Desura Digital Distribution

That's it for now.

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