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Dark-Wind.com is a combat driving simulator. It's strategic rather than real-time, and you're not alone out there -- you control a whole gang of racers, shooters, and dirty double-crossers as you try to drive and survive what's left of our world. Dozens of thieves, misfits and assassins await your command.

Arena combat, ranked races, and even paintball tournaments abound in cities across the island of Evan. It's our last refuge from a Sun that's burned away the rest of the planet. Yet life still finds a way...mutants, giant bugs, awesome mental powers...these are the harbingers of a new future for mankind. This is the new reality we are left with.

It is your task to drive and survive. To kill or be killed. To be one of the players across the globe who have made Dark-Wind their own. Twist it by adding your own car and character skins, warp it with your own storylines in our community forums. Create your own destiny by managing a Camp and manufacturing headquarters.

Drive to survive. Shoot to kill. Welcome, stranger, to Dark-Wind.

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Death Racing under lights.


{Pictured - A group of Sunburn let lose their heavy rockets approaching the notorious right hairpin at The Northern Foothills Race track; Somerset}

There are many kinds of events to take part in all over Evan. From scouting in the wilderness for traders or pirates, to local town events. Town events are run every few minutes; Races, Deathraces and Combats and Pedestrian Combats. Take part in the Combat Leagues for big prizes, have a quick ladder event with your friends or have a quick race, the choice is yours.

GrowlingBadger - - 1 comments

As a Steve Jackson's Carwars fanatic as a kid I was so pleased to find Darkwind. Having played tons of MMOGs and RPGs I have finally settled.

The initial learning curve is tough and losing has repercussions, possibly even death for your crew, but there are always more gullible guys that want to fight for you!

On the other hand you can drop in and out whenever you like, doing the odd race / combat - you don't have to give up your life to play this game, although once you start you will probably want to!

It's the only game I know where you can PM the developer with an issue or make a suggest and it becomes a reality.


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flanflan - - 1 comments

Small very cliquey community supports an independent developer who has the game as a hobby. Broken economic model with a very steep starting curve requiring a lot of play to get going because the turn based model generates very long game sessions. You may also find the permadeath quite frustrating. Game play quite developed but graphics quite primitive. Player base is quite small perhaps 20-40 or so on line at a time and difficult to play versus computer initially. Generally the play is collaborative or an individual versus quite primitive AI. Most of the player base are diehard 30-40 something fans of the old Car Wars board game

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Talako - - 1 comments

Dark-wind scratches an itch I've had since playing the original Fallouts, Silent Storm, and Interstate '76. It actually gets my adrenaline pumping as in this game you can lose, and yea, it can hurt. It's the only mmo I've played where losing really matters. People die in Dark-Wind, every day. It's up to you to make it the enemy, not your people.

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.Tinker. - - 1 comments

I found DW 3 years ago, and haven't looked much at all for other games, a lot of that as to do with all the work the developer keeps putting in.... always drawing you back :) If you can handle a turn based game, and tactics and cars with guns... heh! welcome to nirvana

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Utredd - - 1 comments

Dark-wind must really be one the of best games on the internet. It is definitely the only one that has kept my interest over this period of time.Been playing for a couple of years now and am still learning (and making mistakes).The depth, game play and sheer fun factor is outstanding.Just when you think you have figured it out, there is something else. The community is a bonus.
This game is a must try for anyone!


Try it, your worth it

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d0dger - - 1 comments

Been playing this game for nearly 2 years now.

Racing and Combat are very tactical and cerebral, no twitch to the gameplay at all. Nestled behind that is a great deal of strategic decisions to manage your profits, gang roster and training, stable of vehicles, factions, camp affiliations and so much more.

You can actually permanently degrade and/or lose your characters and gear in this game, and I love that. There's no reverting to a previous save or pressing a magic resurrect button. There are lasting consequences to poor decisions, but that's the biggest thing that makes this game unique and more challenging then... almost every other game out there.

By and large the community is friendly, helpful, and mature. There's little to no wtf l33tsauce OMG teabagging kiddies gettin up in mah grill. (=

If you were a fan of Car Wars you'll love it, without a doubt. If you've enjoyed turn based games in the past, it's worth a deeper look. If you want a game about tactics instead of twitch, try it out and see.

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33tango - - 1 comments

Great community, addictive fun. Your gangers age, get radiation sickness, hooked on substances, go into rehab, learn to shoot, get shot, lose a leg, etc. etc. etc. Everything you'd do on a great vacation. Then they DIE! :) It really is fun, permadeath gives life real zest. You really care about your fights when losing one badly could cost you something.

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SomeSlacker - - 1 comments

If you were a fan of Car Wars board game back in the day, this one is for you! All the fun of Car Wars without all the time spent setting things up to play, its just there! And a great community of players who have no problem taking time to help point new players in the right direction. (Bad guys are THAT way! Shoot them! jk)

The turn based style makes it more of a strategic game rather button mashing, but yer heart will still pound as each turn plays out in front of your eyes! Jumping dunes or diving your car off a cliff just to get away from superior numbers hoping for that chance to point the shooty end towards some baddie (or goodies if that's yer want) Enough different chassis/engine/weapon/tire combo's to keep things interesting for years.

And now with two modes of play, The 'normal' Darkwind where survival is tough and the newer 'scavenger' mode where things really get down to the nitty gritty and every round of ammo you loot feels like a win.

Though turn based games are a bit retro, retro is the new ummm new! I give it a 7 (since 7 is the new 10 after all)

Hope to see ya there, come check it out!

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goat_starer - - 1 comments

been playing this game for 2 years... not bored yet! suits the ex car wars fan to a tee... turn based is not for everyone but give it a go.. suprisingly engrossing :-)

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Wott - - 1 comments

Truly one of the best games and community I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

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