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DarkLight Dungeon is a role playing game set in a 3D dungeon featuring 2D turn based combat. Inspired by games such as Wizardry, Shadows of Yserbius and Demise: Rise of The Ku'tan; DarkLight Dungeon is more than just a simple "hack-n-slash" dungeon crawl. DarkLight Dungeon is full of locked doors, secret rooms and secret messages in many languages. The dungeon has many distinct areas which intertwine between each other offering a non linear fashion of game play.

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ZoellerSoft would like to announce the December 20th 2010 release of DarkLight Dungeon, along with a contest that could earn you $100! Order now and be among the first to receive your activation code and a chance to win $100!"DarkLight Dungeon is a role playing game set in a 3D dungeon featuring 2D turn based combat.You awaken to find yourself in a dungeon with no recollection of how or why you are there! You will have to explore this vast dungeon to find the answers; pushing your way through teleportals, traps, puzzles, locked doors, secret messages and a large array of evil creatures!"For more information, check out the web site...www.DarkLightDungeon.com



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Final Release Contest Announcement! In the spirit of dungeon exploring, the final release will contain a special challenge. There is a puzzle which encompasses...

jzoeller Creator

Build 1.1.18
1.) Memory and performance optimizations, faster loading and tighter memory clean up.
2.) When pressing escape/clicking quit, when the exit darklight dungeon dialog is displayed the game
is paused. This includes input, HP/MP Regeneration, spell buff timmers, aflication timmers (like poison)
water/gas breathing, monster movement, monster/treasure respawns and playtime.
3.) NPC Michelle (spell seller) if you already have learned the spell, a start will appear next to the spell on the list.
4.) Gold on hand is now displayed on the NPC's Michelle, Raygan and Zoe.
5.) Reduced the cost of stat potions that NPC Zoe sells.
6.) Cleaned up the shut down routine.
7.) Additional monster collision detection, primarly for ojbects much deeper in the dungeon.
8.) Drain line of spells would allow you to receive more hit points than what your characters max is.
9.) Depositing/Withdrawing gold at the banker is much simpler now.

Build 1.1.15
1.) Spell menu now has highlights indicating selected spell.
2.) Spell menu will have spell name grayed out when you do not have enough magic points to cast the spell.
3.) All Monsters/Drops/Chests have been balanced for dungeon levels 1-4.
4.) Additional content added for dungeon levels 1-4, more teleportals, secret rooms, traps, messages, etc.
5.) Required amounts for experience levels balanced.
6.) Upon starting a new character, additional starting inventory now in the merchant.
7.) Auto-map legend has been updated.
8.) Nine of the twenty trophies have been implemented.
9.) Pressing the escape key will exit out of NPC's and Menus, if no NPC's/Menus open the exit game dialog will display.
10.) Exit game dialog now mouse enabled.
11.) Skills now have two tiers for skill point requirements. Some skills cost less skill points now.

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jzoeller Creator

Recent Build Notes

Build 1.1.12
1.) Major GUI enhancements!
2.) Background music now loops seamlessly.
3.) Background music now loads correctly when player enters the dungeon when loading a game.
4.) Additional balancing of items/gold/drops.

Build 1.1.6
1.) Settings dialog has option for truevision3D debug file. You will need to apply your settings again.
2.) All remaining buttons now have mouse overs and disables.
3.) Drops from treasure chest for the first dungeon level have been balanced. Same with gold values.
4.) When opening the automap menu, player position did not always display accuratly.
5.) Added additional dungeon previews after you exit the game, enjoy.
6.) Adjusted the length of quest text so they better fit the dialog screens.

Build 1.1.5
1.) Added new command window. User interface supports mouse for everything now.
2.) Centered treasure chest dialog correctly on screen.
3.) Cleaned up treasure chest rewards dialog, now simpler.
4.) More balancing done on all races. Start new character to get improvements.
5.) Balanced about 20 items gold/values, many more to come in next builds!
6.) Treasure chest in the first level of the infested storage now yield better stuff!
7.) Gods now protect players level 5 and under from aging and losing gold upon death.
8.) Chest difficulty greatly improved. Low level chest will not have death, stone, aging and curse as difficulty increases those type of traps will be added. This should give lower levels a break from some of the more punishing traps!

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Uber cool game, true classic for hardcore gamers (Gamer= RPG fan)


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jzoeller Creator

Build 1.1.2
1.) Game manual is now included in the main download.
2.) Truvision watermark has been removed.
3.) On the character selection screen, mouse over highlights each slot.
4.) On the character selection screen, left clicking the x will prompt for character deletion, instead of right click.
5.) On the character selection screen, after a character is deleted, the list is re-sorted.
6.) On the character selection screen, mouse over has been added for the delete button.
7.) On the character creation screen, general instructions have been added.
8.) On the character creation screen, mouse overs and disables for all buttons added.
9.) On the character creation screen, the mouse click delay speed has been increased a lot.
10.) On the starting story dialog, mouse over added.
11.) NPC Quest Giver Devon, mouse over added.
12.) All NPC's now have an exit button in addition to hitting the down arrow.
13.) NPC Merchant, When selling items, the first row was playing a mouse click sound.
14.) Lowered the requirements on initial store inventory.

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jzoeller Creator

Open BETA is released today.

Download it here: www.DarkLightDungeon.com



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Sweet! It's been a while since I've played a first-person RPG/Dungeon-crawler like this.

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nice!!! im trackng

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