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If you are looking for a realistic, non-tutorial, action/ adventure RPG, then look no further. A different approach, for example there are stun guns on the island that were placed as a means of a quick small defense if needed by Alfred when he was structuring the Island layout. These were never intended to be used as strong weapons but they can help to achieve your goals. Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning delivers a true-to-life, stealthy gaming experience set in multiple open worlds. As you experience our true cause and effect system while on the path to achieving your goals, the strategy you use will have consequences and those decisions will ultimately determine your success or failure. Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning will give you a unique gaming experience to enjoy. We do suggest to read the "How to play instructions". We intended for this game to be a game that the player goes into and has options, as well as objectives in an environment with an AI that is defending the area with its robotic skills.


You have learned that your grandfather - Alfred Cypress, who you never knew you had, has disappeared. He was an eccentric and brilliant man who developed and programmed Artificial Intelligence into his living and working environments which are in different locations around the world. With Alfred's disappearance, the A.I. programs have become more self-aware, protective, and possessive of the items they protect. As your journey begins on a mysterious island, using the technology and assets provided to you, find and protect your legacy as well as all the documents and needed information hidden on Cypress Island. You only have 72 hours to complete the tasks that are put before you. With this all in mind, you must use strategy, patience and stay strong and be careful to accomplish your objectives.


Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning (Chapter I) will be the first of Three Chapters which will make up this PC/MAC Game. Chapter I will be the single largest installment of the Three Chapters. The release date for Chapter II is being pushed to on or before June 2, 2014 and it will be made available AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This Chapter will be added in an update to the main menu. Meanwhile we have uploaded some sneak peek screenshots and a short video segment from Chapter II.


Chapter III will be released on December 15, 2014 and will consist of several hours of additional gameplay. This Chapter will also be added at NO EXTRA CHARGE and will be made available through the main menu of the game in an additional update as well.


We are glad to announce that we will be implementing support for Oculus Rift in Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning PC Game. We believe it will be a great feature for our game that will add even more excitement. This feature will be added sometime in mid 2014.


Single player, stealth based strategy gameplay.

The Cypress Bloodline - By being a part of the Cypress bloodline, Lorna Ritten is given a chance to finally find about her true identity. She has wanted to know about her true family ever since she learned she was adopted. Approached by a stranger, she is now given the opportunity to find the answers she has been wanting to know for so long.

Open World - As Lorna, Immerse yourself in a non-linear, non-tutorial experience as you search for and uncover the secrets of the Cypress family past in an open world with day/night cycles all powered by the Unreal Engine. You will find hidden areas, outposts and vaults filled with secrets and challenges. From the endless forests to the dark shadows of the caves, there is much to discover.

You only have one chance to complete your mission. Your choices and use of resources on Cypress Island will have permanent consequences that affect your chances of surviving the island and completing your mission.

Locate - Find valuable information and uncover the secrets which were kept from you for so long. You will be given technology that will allow you to use stealth, which will enable you to search without being detected and will help you in achieving your mission.

Protect - You will need to make sure these secrets are well kept and protected. Remember, the information you are about to recover could change the world.

Survive - You must overcome challenges and obstacles while balancing your health and stamina. Having only 72 hours to accomplish your mission, you will need to use strategy, patience and stay strong to achieve your objectives.

The enemy - Beware Vonya and her growing army. She knows why you are here and is determined to capture you and prevent you from completing your mission. Health, stamina, how you strategize and traverse the area are extremely important to help you gain the assets she is protecting.

Multiple endings based on choices you make throughout the game.

Replayability - With the locations of the Cypress family secrets randomly generated by the engine, along with the A.I., you will never play the same game twice.


• Additional Chapters with several hours of extra gameplay will be added throughout 2014 at NO ADDITIONAL COST to players
• Family Friendly - no harsh violence, nudity or vulgar language
• Cause & Effect Gameplay - different every time you play
• Stunning 3D Graphics powered by the Unreal Engine
• Original Soundtrack
• Easy to learn Controls
• Oculus Rift Support Coming in mid 2014

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Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Interview Posted on Jan 17, 2014
Conducted By – Adam Ames
- True PC Gaming


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning.

I go by DJ and I am the originator of Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning. I have been involved in all aspects of the development process, as well as directed and produced the title.

How did you get started in developing PC games?

I have never been a huge gamer but I thought that if I really wanted to get into a good game, then I would want it to be as realistic as it can be and not so spoon-fed and directed all the way. I would want it to be a cause and effect situation with the ability to be replayed.

Where did the idea for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning come from?

By the Grace of God, I got the idea initially thinking to turn it into a movie script. From there the idea to build an app game was born and that then grew into the idea for the larger platform.

What are some of the successes and failures you learned from in developing Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning?

I had no experience in doing a game when I started this. I have learned the hard way a lot about taking more time to make it clearer as to what is expected and also to really make sure of what the options are. I also learned to take more time in getting a team together to work on a game from their ability to their communication skills. Some of the successes are that now we are very close on what was originally intended to be and we are seeing it run smoothly on the platforms.

In its current form, how close is Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning to your initial vision?

At this point it is very close to what I wanted to begin with and has at least a foundation to build on for the next chapters and next new game in continuing. When I first started the game was meant to be an app and it was not so close to what I wanted in how it looked or what was played.

Cypress Inheritance The Beginning

Some devs admitted their games were too hard upon release because they became experts as they developed the game. Talk about setting the difficulty levels for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning and if you faced a similar challenge.

I really do not see the game being too hard as long as you go into it with a mindset to be the character in the environment you are set in. However, if you go into the game expecting to be directed at every turn, then yes, it is going to be hard.

Were there any challenges you faced in ensuring Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning would run on the various PC system configurations?

Not really, in the game that is for sale now, we have been blessed to have a talented programmer that has helped to make it run on the desired platforms.

Please talk about developing the art style, level design and music for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning.

The art style I wanted for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning was realism. From realistic characters to environments – trees, caves, simply as realistic as possible. Because of having to redo a lot in order to achieve this and starting over with little time the attention to detail could not be as strong as I wanted. But I did learn much more about what could be done, so the next chapters and new game should be even stronger with having a little more time to work. I did sit with the artists through the entire level design process. Good or bad, I made numerous decisions on where and when things would be. I enjoyed very much this process even though we were rushed on time. As far as the music, I met with the composer and described what I wanted it to feel like. After the second time, he did an amazing job in having original music for the title and I definitely want to continue using him in the future.

Outside of creating the game itself, what is the toughest aspect of being an indie developer?

Getting the right people for your team, marketing and money. All of these are not easy but can be pushed through if you stay with it.

How did you go about funding Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning and did you receive financial or emotional support from friends and family?

We have private investments and yes, we did have a few people who helped with encouragement along the way.

Cypress Inheritance The Beginning

Tell us about the process of submitting Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning to the various digital distribution platforms and if you encountered resistance in doing so.

We have a really great office manager and great tech department as well. This really has not been that hard for me. It is a little time consuming and waiting, but not bad.

Did you research similar titles when trying to come up with the launch price?

Yes, we researched and compared and did the best we could to set a price that made sense with the amount of game content that is actually here, considering it’s an indie title.

Can you tell us why you chose to release a demo for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning?

We put the game out to a select few people mainly for initial feedback, but did not really put out a widespread demo.

How important is it to get instant feedback about Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning from users through online message boards and other social networking sites?

I think it’s very important. From what I have found, gamers are very matter of fact for the most part and really are paying attention to detail. Having those opinions does help in realizing what holes or errors you have. They can also obviously spread the word and help make the game successful.

How much value do you place on the opinions of those who review Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning professionally?

I do value their opinion as well. I only want the review to be given from the point of view what the game is meant to be and not from a stand point of how a lot of other games are structured.

Cypress Inheritance The Beginning

How do you feel about the various indie bundle promotions and the “Pay What You Want” pricing methodology? Would you be interested in contributing to a project like that in the future?

I think it is a good idea and I would consider it.

What are your thoughts on how the PC gaming industry as a whole are dealing with the problem of intrusive DRM and piracy?

To date this is not a big issue for me but I do think that if the gaming community has somewhat of a gentlemen’s agreement or ladies if you will, then this can be kept to a minimum. I think that if games are supplied in whole and you are not paying a lot in other transactions to get the whole game this would be a plus. I know I would rather have an original official version than some copy. I also do not want to go through the trouble of all the DRM. I understand as a developer you have to protect what you have and have to also make money. But simply put if there is more of an overall “do the right thing” then this is not an issue.

How do you feel about individuals posting videos and receiving monetization of Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning?

I don’t really mind it.

How do you feel about DLC and its current implementation in the PC gaming industry?

I think it’s good, but again I would say make sure there is a full game in the beginning and don’t let it be that the addition is so important you can’t play the same game without it, unless it is free.

How do you feel about the online modding community in general and specifically if mods were created for Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning?

I think it’s a good thing.

What advice would you give up-and-coming indie PC developers who are trying to break into the business?

Make sure you have a good, structured plan first with a clear goal of what you want to produce. Then really look at what your budget needs are and make sure you have it before you start. Get a team together to achieve your goals with good contract structures. Then most of all stay focused. All the hype and good ideas are no good without a clear plan first and the budget to complete it.

Official Press Release December 11, 2013

Official Press Release December 11, 2013

News 1 comment

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Now Available for PC and Mac, Coming Soon To Desura.

Now Available for PC and Mac

Now Available for PC and Mac


We are very excited to announce that Cypress Inheritance:The Beginning is now available for both PC and Mac on our online store!

How To Play Manual

How To Play Manual

Other Tutorial

Please see the content below to better understand the gameplay!

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My impressions of Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looks buggy.....and weird......and also interesting. Hehe. As i already mentioned the FOV looks a bit too narrow.
Without the option to invert the y-axis and some more graphic options i'm not going to buy it for that price. Any ETA for the mouse options?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Very interesting, love the open world!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

How about some gameplay videos and some more infos about the game? The trailers are, more or less, useless. The only thing i got from the trailer is some sort of motion sickness due to the low FOV. :( Can i change the FOV in the options? Can i also invert the mouse y-axis in the options?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
cypress_inheritance Creator

Thanks for the questions and we will be adding more videos over the next few weeks. We do plan to also add the y-axis invert option as well. That feature was not a big issue but will be more useful in the chapters we will add over the months coming. Lastly, please visit the PC Game page www.cypressinheritance.com of our site and there is more information on the game and features as well. Thanks again!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok, i guess i have to wait for you to implement the y-axis invert option before i buy the game eventually.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I so badly want this but sadly i really just dont have 30 bucks to spend on an indie game i've never played. Do you have a demo i can try before i decide if i want to try to save up or not.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
cypress_inheritance Creator

I am sorry but at the moment we do not have a demo but I can tell you there is a lot of game play for what retail is set at. Also with the coming chapters that will be added over the next months coming at no additional charge, this brings even more value. Please also check out the site at www.cypressinheritance.com and go to the PC Game page and there is more information that may give you a little more insight to the game. Hope this helps!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Do Ya have it working? May chip in if you show final working retail.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
cypress_inheritance Creator

Hey guys, we've had a few small problems the last few days, but the full release will be out sometime late on this coming Monday. Thanks!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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Very impressive visuals.

Jan 16 2014 by BeachBunny

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