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CubIsLand is an idea from Johnny (Gamedesigner, also known as "the Jayson's brother"), that imagined a 2D pratformer game where the player could create blocks with many different properties, and these blocks would interfere with the scenario.

The original idea was that this game would be something like Super Mario Bros. 3. But we decided to change to a mix of platformer and puzzle, because this idea presents lots of possibilities of puzzles.

The gameplay: with keyboard, the player controls the character, and with mouse create blocks.As the game development is in the very beggining, we can't promisse many things, but we have some planned ideas to the final version:

  • The game will have an overworld map, Super Mario style;
  • The game will have secret collectible itens, like coins or something like that, which will open secret stages;
  • Some stages will have more than one exit (a normal one, and a secret one);
  • The "creatable" cubes will be like Super Mario power-ups: in each stage, the player needs to get them to use it on the stage. Finishing the stage, the player losts the "creatable" cubes;
  • It will have 4 worlds and a half;
  • It will be alternative and bonus stages;
  • The game will happen in an island (hence, "CubISLAND"), and the sceneries will change in each stage, progressively, as if the player was traveling on the island.

Well, this is it! As soon as we have updates, we will post it here and in our blog (Cubisland.wordpress.com)! =D


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How it began


Hi! I’m Johnny William, the guy that had the first idea of CubIsLand.

How I had this idea?

It was as follows:

I was somewhere, with nothing to do. Then I played Super Mario Bros. 3. But I wanted to finish, in an old fashion, without using the emulator save. I lost a time, but a time that worth it, and I didn’t remembered how that game is wonderful.

So, while I was playing, little shining things jumped out from my mind. A green cube comes out, falls in front of me and greets me, saying: hi, I’m Squary and I came from Cubes World.

I entered Cubes World and knew many types of cubes, and thought: “what happens if I take this to the real world?”.

Here are my first notes:

I showed this and others notes to my brother and his reaction was: “ok”. He paid so much attention to what I was talking that, in the next day, he was forgotten everything.

On the next month we finished Space Cowboy. So my brother said: we need to make a prototype to show to the guys.

Me: What?

Jayson: A platformer, we need to make a platformer!

Then I showed Cubes World to him and: “Perfect, this is what we need!”

In two weeks he developed the prototype with stone, water, lava and floating cube. I started to make the art a week before we show to the team, and we finished everything in a rush a day before.

It worked, the team loved the idea.

And so it began.

Our hero

Our hero

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Meet our fantastic and simple hero the square boy or quary green guy or something.

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Version Alpha 1

Version Alpha 1


This is the first version of Cubisland. In this version you play the first phase, which may experience the general idea of the game.


Very good, loved the idea of ​​having several different cubes, could put many alternatives phases (type cupo uses a fire to burn the vegetation, and so on! = D)
I played the demo and liked the gameplay, this idea has a future!

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I played the demo, was pretty fun so I finished it. Keep it up :)

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I'm the programer of CubIsLand.
Yeah, this is a really nice idea! \o/
We will probably do something like that! =)

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Looks good gonna track it! :D

Suggestion: Leave the only green player for default and make the others unlock able by completing achievements.

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