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Fiery blend of Minecraft and Portal. The game forces you to stretch your gyrus. Build a "bridge" of special cubes for to exit a location. The task is complicated by the fact that the number of cubes for construction is limited, so there is no room for error. The game has a variety of chips, such as "dynamic cubes" that you can move yourself and which obey the laws of physics. Sometimes you just build a road, at other times you’ll put the cubes on the buttons that activate different mechanisms. A pleasant and relaxing style of music keeps you engaged, and the lack of a time limit allows you to carefully consider each decision. Features:
- Multiplatform. The game looks equally good as personal computers as well as the iPhone and the iPad.
- Fun puzzle game based on the spatial thinking.
- Soothing music helps keep things interesting
- No time limit, no rush!

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Hi all! I'm glad to announce that Cubez now is free in iOS App Store for a limited time only! You can download it for free right now, using the link in the game profile.

About update:
I have finished collectable items and destructible walls, and it's looks very nice. Right now I'm working on the bonus levels, so you can see the prototype below:

The game is released in iOS App Store!

The game is released in iOS App Store!


The game is now available for download in iOS App Store worldwide!

Web version update and something about future plans.

Web version update and something about future plans.


Web version has been updated to 1.1. Some news about first big update for iOS + screenshots.

Web-version is ready.

Web-version is ready.


You can play now web-version of "Cubez" for free, without ads and limitations.


Great idea. ;)

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This looks like a mobile 'Qbeh' I love it

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Your game is really cool. Traking it

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I have been flying Willow the whale through the psychedelic rainbow kingdom. Get it from the App Store #wh Bit.ly

Sep 9 2013

Hello, gamers! An update is almost done, and it will appear in the AppStore very soon. New leves, design, music and more!

Mar 31 2013

Cubez - 4.5 / 5 (appgamers.de) Appgamers.de

Feb 13 2013

Cubez is now featured on AppsJP!

Feb 11 2013

Cubez is now available in the iOS App Store worldwide! You can buy it only for $1.99. The app is universal and optimized for iPhone 5.

Feb 10 2013

Hi all! We have added support for iPhone/iPod touch 4. Now its working as good as on newer devices!

Jan 22 2013

Hi there! The game comes out in the AppStore in february and it will be cost $1.99 for Full version. Lite will be free. T.co

Jan 15 2013

Cubez! Mobile - trailer Youtube.com The game comes out very soon.

Apr 17 2012