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Cubey is a timing based puzzler. It's simply about dodging blocks but there's also a lot of other mechanics like: Jump pads, Moving blocks, Lasers, etc... Its fully gamepad and keyboard supportive, we're also planing a iOS and Android release. For quick updates follow us on Twitter @LostKeyGames

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jeje, not bad guy!


My bad... put a 1 by accident before.. This looks awesome dude.. nice one!. Might buy it some when soon.


Cool Game! = )


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Gameplay is simple but fun, for a game this cheap. The music is good, however its a bit annoying that it always starts over once you failed a level and restart it. That way it gets too repetitive in my opinion.

I played the demo, some bugs but they said they have been fixed. Music was quite good but it was variabel some was good some was not so good. Simple but good looking graphics. Gameplay was simple but sometimes simple is the best. This is an good casual game perfect for the avrage consumer!


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