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A game about surviving on a tropical island. Fighting pirates, cannibals and the local wild life in order to make it through the day and then it's dark. Under the moonlight a whole set of other challenges present themselves.

Start out washed out on the beach, looking for the basics: water, food and shelter. Craft weapons and tools to hunt and expand your home away from home. Build up your encampment, fortify it with spiked fences and traps.

As time passes you will make friends that will help you survive the many dangers of the this tropical paradise, you will raise animals and cultivate your favourite plants.


Who doesn’t know the story of Robinson Crusoe, the story of a cast away, washed up on the shores of an island and tasked with surviving it’s harsh conditions. Crusoe and his dog (we will try to include the cats too) and eventually Friday will be part of an exciting new survival game.

You start the game washed up on a random beach of the island. All you have is some clothes and your notebook. You look around for things you can use and start exploring the island. A location to setup camp, fresh water, a place to store supplies in anticipation of your needs.

Your needs are reflected in the HUD with a few bars ( hunger, thirst, stamina and health ) that will keep you informed of your current condition and help you prioritize your goals.


- Combat: fight off various enemies including cannibals, pirates, soldiers, cultists. You will never be safe.

- Hunting: animals for food (mammals and fish). Using bow and arrow, spear, nets, guns and of course hunting traps.

- Building: shelter, fortification, traps, irrigation and even machines that work with wind or water, as you progress through time and unlock new blueprints. Gone are the cubic buildings, in Crusoe you can build as you choose.

- Crafting: create rope, nets, arrows and other items needed for survival using ingredients found on the island.

- Scraping: explore the island and use the scrap from the shipwrecks scattered around the island complex.

- Day/night cycle, weather conditions that change, wild life and a variety of plant life that will make the island a vibrant, living and breathing dangerous world.

- Disasters: your crops might die, so can your animals, your shelter might be damaged during a storm.

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Crusoe - Greenlight is Live


Our game 'Crusoe' is live on Greenlight, you can check it out and vote here: Steamcommunity.com

'Crusoe' is all about surviving the island and the challenges it brings your way, whether they are pirates, cannibals, soldiers, animals or nature you have to fight and plan to make it through each day - and then the night comes.

You will be able to build, trap, explode, craft, kill, hunt, plant, fortify, befriend, attack, train, set ablaze and much much more.

Some development shots:

pirate 01

pirate 02

pirate 03

Some videos:

Check them out, let us know what you think and don't forget to vote for us on Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

Crusoe has been Greenlit on Steam

Crusoe has been Greenlit on Steam


Thanks to your support and your feedback we got Greenlit about a month ago and since then I have been putting together the resources we will need to complete...

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