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Local multiplayer for up to 10 players! Grab your phones, use them as controllers and jump into this collection of fast paced mini games! No need for apps, no need for lobbies or long waiting - the perfect addition for your next party.

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Put your hands on the Early Access of The Crowded Party Game Collection and experience a different kind of local multiplayer. Party-Game-Collection + Smartphones as C to 10 player local multiplayer fun

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Join a game with up to 10 players with nothing more than your phone's browser.
Nothing to plug-in, nothing to download.

The Crowded Party Game Collection enables real party gaming.

  1. Start the game on your PC
  2. Join the game with any phone by simply opening a website

It's surprising how easy and yet efficient this concept is.

Don't wait till the next controller is available, just use the one in your pocket.

How does this magical stuff work?
When starting The Crowded Party Game Collection, the PC is setting up a local server, to which smartphones can connect directly from a website.
There's no need for strange apps - you heard right: This collection turns your smartphone into a multifunctional controller by simply opening a website.
And because the real communication is kept locally, it's fast as hell.

"ease of access and the way players can seamlessly drop in and drop out of the games is very impressive"
- alphabetagamer.com

If you feel like this sounds interesting, but need a bit more of visuals here you go:

Currently there are 7 mini games in the collection. The main idea of the games is to reinterpret old arcade based games and scale them to a new massive local multiplayer mode.

Since currently we are in Early Access, the number of mini-games will keep growing on a regular base.
We are very open minded to ideas of the community on possible mini-game ideas, which support 2 player multiplayer as up to 10 player local multiplayer.

This is a journey which is just at its beginning. I'm looking forward to the future of this innovative game collection and an active cooperation with the community and your contributions.
Even if that just means, not worrying about the next birthday party present, because one already knows of a party collection which adds a gaming experience which probably nobody has seen before.
To get an impression how playing the Crowded Party Game Collection feels here's some feedback of youtubers who had fun streaming the collection:

If you are interested in buying, don't wait to long since there's 25% off during release week ;)

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