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CrossCode is A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. Play the Demo and look for yourself!

RSS Weekly Update #31 Menu Progress

This week we continued working on our menu system. We polished several graphics, created new mock-ups, and further implemented the start menu screen.

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Hi and welcome to yet another weekly update!

This week we continued working on our menu system. We polished several graphics, created new mock-ups, and further implemented the start menu screen.

Incoming screenshots!

Let’s start off with the implementation of the start menu:


This is an actual screenshot from the game. On the upper left you see a more detailed status display, which actually expands dynamically from the smaller status HUD during gameplay. In addition to HP, we have experience, level, and base stats displayed as well.
The small entries with the yellow lines show the currently active buffs of the player, which can influence base stats, element resistance, or other parameters (such as aiming precision). With the yellow line you can see how long each buff is still active. And yes: you’ll see those buffs outside of the menu as well.

On the right side you get an impression on what kind of content you’ll find in the menu.

So much on what’s already implemented. The following screens are mock-ups from future menu content:


This is the equipment menu. We have shown an earlier version in a previous weekly update. We just polished some of the graphics here and added a few more buttons in the upper right corner. The status button allows you to quickly switch to the status menu for convenience (you often want to see the status in full detail when changing equipment).


Here you can select a new piece of equipment. On the left side you can see what effects the selected item will have on your stats.


Finally, the status screen. That is: the parameters page of the status screen. Yeah, that’s a lot of numbers since it shows each and every parameter for all 4 element modes + neutral. However, since you won’t start with all elements right away you can expect this screen to start simple and grow more complex over time.
Oh yes, those small circles? Those are some miniature pie charts visualizing the stats: either they simply map to the percentage value (e.g. for modifiers) or they show the difference to the base value (e.g. for the 4 base stats MAX HP, ATK, DEF and FOC).
…You might notice that the numbers don’t really match the circles. Well, it’s a lazy mock-up. You will find more consistency in the game, promised!

And that’s the stuff we’re doing these days. Any opinions about the menu? Just leave a comment!

Otherwise, until next week!

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