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Are you ready for the journey through a depleted and deserted land, full of dangers and mysteries?

Following the adventures of our protagonist Sterk, you will survive a long way through unfriendly deserts, find secrets of abandoned cities and visit uninhabited, but flourishing parts of the Creach!

Sterk is not a stranger to this world – he is a mature old man, but this fact doesn’t keep him from new discoveries. Eventually he finds an inner ability to take control over small rocks and stones. Will he develop his magic abilities or remain a warrior? You are the one to decide!


Discover the true story of the Creach, fight various enemies, find and use ancient powerful weapons and try to remain human in this rough world…

The depleted world.

We have some features to show you!

Survive in an endless wasted desert, visit abandoned cities and ancient castles.

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We are planning to put you through different huge locations, each one with its own visual style and fauna.

While you're travelling through lands of Creach, you have to fight different foes.
From desert beasts to giant battle mechanisms, they will make you reinvent your fighting strategy everytime you find something new.

Some of the enemies are well-armed, and it's hard to kill them...

while the others are tricky to get and, welll, they are hard to kill either.

But bosses are going to be a real trouble.

For example, this man of a huge power - they call it the Berserker. The bandits managed to make this ferocious and completely uncontrollable beast surve them. How? You'll have to find it out: this will be the key to defeating the Berserker!

ScreenBoss 01

Rumors call this giant terrifying worm "Demon of the Deep". It lives deep underground, constantly digging endless tunnels for its labirinth. They say, it's as old as the world is. Long time ago, when Creach was young, the Demon was created to possess souls of evil, cursed and mad people.
This duty has corrupted the Demon, and now it is cursed; it rarely shows its face to the sun. They say, it hunts truly evil souls.

Anyway, it's just a legend... Which turned out to be a horrible reality!

Find new weapon and armor! Upgrade it in different ways!

You can choose a weapon and adjust it to your gaming style. Do you prefer to use common weapon like swords and bows, or do you want to practice in magic? It's your choice!

People of Creach don't know their true history. They live in the world full of mysteries and half-true legends. You'll face a lot of difficulties while trying to reveal the real story of Creach: some people are just not ready to disclose their secrets.
Find out what's happened to Creach and accept your destiny!


Check our soundtracks:



Stay tuned and watch for the updates!


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Hey there!

Creach: The Depleted World is on the road again. Guys, if you’ve been with us all this time, you rock!

If you are new to this project, welcome!

Let’s get started.

Walking castle

We are introducing a whole new mechanic for our game: it’s going to be your very own walking castle. No kidding.

The idea was to combine a place where you can rest from adventures and a way to transport you from one location to another without spending too much time. While the castle easily gets those two birds, it also makes the gameplay more dynamic and fast-paced.

Also having your own castle is awesome.

Another character, another story

As it turned out, Sterk isn’t getting younger. He decided to retire from his numerous adventures and asked us to find someone to replace him. And we did:

It is a man of the woodpeople, one of the Creach’s nations. The magic stone his arm is enchased with is called sunstone, because, well, it glows. Also sometimes it explodes, but it wasn’t common knowledge when they gave it a name.

And what about Sterk? He will continue to post on his Twitter and Instagram. What else he should do? Eating chickens from KFC and watching TV isn’t something people do in retirement in Creach.

Also, you’ll be able to meet Sterk in the game — not far from the start — and learn his story anyway.

New places

We have set a complete list of locations we’d like to flow the story through. The list is not huge, but we have also designed some instances within each location, and each one goes with a unique style and has a background and a story.

Some older locations have been cut off for now (maybe forever), some got redesigned completely.

Update on moving and fighting

Making gameplay fun has always been our primary goal, so here we spend most of our time: polishing the AI, making some smooth animations, thinking through the battlefields. Some of the new stuff we’d like to show you:

The surroundings

The surroundings are usually hardly considered anything meaningful to gameplay in RPGs. We are making sure you often have an edge in a battle if you keep your head up.

It’s not the only example. Each time you come to a new place, you’ll find more of the surroundings ready to help you.

Group fighting

Several foes are something you should be very careful about. One wrong step and you are dead. It’s not a movie: the enemies won’t wait until you finish off their friends (or whatever they are to each other).

There's still a chance to win if enemies don't ambush you:

Sometimes it’s useful to know a thing or two about your foes: for example, the dead woodpeople hate the spiders. While there’s no glory in waiting out for them to kill each other, you’ll be the only survivor to tell the story.


So learning the lore of the game may prove useful. Optional dialogues and notes will help you not to miss anything.

Time and day and night cycle

Time in Creach is crucial to several mechanics. It affects enemy behavior and even some dialogues and quests.

Thanks for being with us! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

The New Year update (Part One)

The New Year update (Part One)

News 1 comment

The New Year is a considerable reason to post a huge update - and here we come with new the new gameplay video and screenshots!

Hall of the Ancestors Update

Hall of the Ancestors Update

News 18 comments

New content: screenshots and GIFs. What is Hall of the Ancestors? Can a stool be dangerous? You'll find it out in this article.

DevGAMM Update

DevGAMM Update

News 3 comments

Some of us have visited DevGAMM Moscow 2016. We decided that it was a good reason to make an update and share our recent progress.

Gameplay and Enemies Update

Gameplay and Enemies Update

News 9 comments

New enemies and renewed gameplay. Warning: a lot of GIFs!


Good work! Looks awesome!

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cool!good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This game looks amazing and environments are indeed very pretty.
How many people are working on this game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
D-darkMan Creator

Thank you!
It's just 4 of us, and you may get acquainted with us here: Creachthegame.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice work so far! I especially love the environments.
I'm watching your progress and waiting for a playable version of your game!)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
D-darkMan Creator

Thank you!
We're making good progress towards it! Stay tuned)

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