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Remember looking at pre-rendered cutscenes in the late 90's and imagining the day that games actually look like that? Remember how menus used to consist of 3D models for no obvious reason? Then this is the throwback you've been looking for!

Crazy Dozer is a high-paced arcade style vehicle game where your goal is to destroy everything in sight before the timer runs out. Use one of several crazy vehicles, each available in both Normal and Crazy configuration.

Please support Crazy Dozer on Steam Greenlight.

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It's a while since we uploaded some new news here. So it's time to reestablish contact and debunk the rumors: NO, Velocity Stream is not dead!

Work on Velocity Stream has continued. We're as hell-bent as ever to bring you the best experience possible. However, with the lack of actual bugs, we've spent our time working on improved features for the game. After quite a few months of quiet, we are now proud to introduce what we call the Eye Candy Patch. It's quite a sizeable patch which we believe that you guys are going to enjoy a whole load.

If you have any requests for the next patch or generally future improvements for the game, don't hesitate to comment.

Ever since we launched the game last october, we've been very pleased with the visual aspects of the game. The models and textures were just the way we wanted them. However, the colors didn't feel vivid enough, the glowing neon details didn't feel as amazing as we had imagined they would in our heads. So since the last patch, we've done a fair bit of experimenting with shaders and effects.

The final result brings a whole new look to Velocity Stream. The game now features bloom and sun shafts. These few and small changes bring a whole new level of movement, life and even sense of speed to the game. The snow in Christmas looks more vibrant than ever, the sun shafts cast by the buildings in Forest makes you want to grab a cup of tea and the way your vehicles catch light makes them feel like the futuristic objects of desire they really are. It's a vast improvement, screenshots don't even make it justice.

It's summer and I bet that the old-timers here are probably binge-watching classic show Miami Vice. And the rest of you are probably fantasising about how amazing it would be to explore your summer green surroundings from the back seat of a supercar. So we can't imagine better timing to introduce our new racer: Vice.

Vice is a new racer which sets itself apart from the other racers in the game by looking reminiscent to a supercar. Naturally, this new racer, like all others, has its own engine note. Rather fittingly, it sounds like a sci-fi version of a ferocious Lamborghini V12.

The main reason it's taken so long from unveiling is that we really want to get it right. The aforementioned audio has gone through a fair share of iterations, so has the vehicle handling. In fact, before the racer goes live, we're going to improve the rear end, making it even more interresting to look at while racing.

For those of you who have followed us from the very start, you might wonder where the city teased in a whole bunch of screenshots is. And the answer is that it actually was present in the earliest post-release versions of the game, and then patched out. Why, you ask?

Well, we noticed that the city was very demanding, and that placing it in the biggest, most ambitious environment in the whole game was too much. The sprawling city will now make a return, as a standalone level: Cityscape.

Let's not lie. We're working on a new game, and we have poured a lot of energy into making this game. And let's just say we're really pleased with the way it's turning out.

We've taken our experience in creating eye-catching open worlds and fun vehicle physics from Velocity Stream and applied it to a brand new experience. If you've been reading our news and checking our screenshots, you'll notice we're massive fans of games from the 90's. Well, we're tired of being discrete, so we're taking our love for the 90's and running with it. From the graphics that look like a 90's FMV cutscene, to the vehicle roster that pays homage to certain games and wrapping it all up with menus that look just like they did in the 90's.

Crazy Dozer is currently in development and we're looking for YOUR feedback to make this game as fun, nostalgic and memorable as we really want. You can download the demo and follow it on its official IndieDB page here!

The game is also yet to be greenlit, so we would be pleased if you could give it a thumbs up on Greenligt!

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Alpha demo

Alpha demo


An alpha demo for Crazy Dozer. Enjoy the zaneyness and the 90's feel of our bonkers arcade game! Support us on Greenlight.

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