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Our vision is to make an all new "point-and-click" adventure game with the same feel and vibe as some of the classic games we love (Quest for Glory, Monkey Island, etc.), but with our own original twist. It will feature original artwork, animations, story-line, full voice-acting, and music. We're using the same "old-school" resolution as those classic 90's games to give it that retro nostalgia, but we are also implementing some modern art techniques, gameplay mechanics, music, and gameplay/story pacing that will cater to players of this generation... so that new-comers to "point-and-click" style games can understand and enjoy the experience, as well as by the veteran adventure gamers. The overall atmosphere and story will have a mysterious, yet exciting and dangerous feeling, that will be sure to keep players "on there toes".

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This is a rough demo of the first chapter of Alum. Enjoy!