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What Is Cranks and Goggles?

Cranks & Goggles is a top down racing game set in the roaring 1920s. Players find themselves as one of the worlds first auto-racing superstars and placed behind the wheel of a number of historical race cars. The game’s engine utilizes real physics in order to mimic the unstable (and quite dangerous) nature of the period’s cars. Gentleman racers will travel across all of Europe in order to compete in the most gripping of circuits, with prizes that will make them the envy of their fellow racers.

Game Modes

  • Quick Race.
  • Career
  • Time Trials with Global Ranking
  • Online Multiplayer Challenge


  • 26 racecars
  • 4 special bonus cars
  • 16 racetracks
  • 16 single races
  • 6 Championships & Cups
  • Lovely nostalgic soundtrack
  • Avatar creation
  • An Awesome Time Period
  • ‘Gentlemanly’ AI

Future Developments

  • More multiplayer features
  • More cars and more tracks
  • Hot fixes
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Patch v1.1 Released!


Hello community,

As you may guess, the major issue was the "crash" which has upset many of you. We've stripped down the code to the last bit to find the cause, we found it and fixed it. Meanwhile, Unity launched several updates and caused us a lot of trouble, we almost had to rebuild the game from scratch (It might have been easier actually).

Long story short, the game is now stable. It's still not an arcade but is much more playable with new and improved controls.

If you encounter any crash related issues while playing please e-mail us hello [at] playnative .com

One more thing...
We will soon announce online racing events. But before that, please come and join us on our discord channel[discord.gg], meet other pilots around the world.

To stay-up-to-date with news and information about Cranks and Goggles and Play Native in general, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


Complete change list for the patch v1.1:

  • All cars' steering and wheel setups have been reconfigured
  • - Wheel clamping increased
  • - Suspension settings reconfigured to have less body roll
  • - Center of gravity of some cars have been fixed (But still, you can rollover it's intentional)
  • - Gear ratios reconfigured
  • - Brake power reconfigured
  • Career races have been reordered ("Easier" tracks at the beginning)
  • AI levels have been reconfigured to be more forgiving at the rookie levels
  • Camera placed slightly higher in order to show more of the road
  • Mini-map size has been reduced since cars are lot easier to control
  • The water art has been replaced with the new one
  • All tracks' lighting and ambiance settings have been edited to have a warmer "cartoony" feel
  • Garage screen car configuration bar colors have been edited


Drive safe and enjoy the game!

Racing quote of the day:
"I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse."

- Juan Manuel Fangio
Argentine race car driver who was dominated the first ever decade of F1

Cranks and Goggles has just been released

Cranks and Goggles has just been released


Finally… We are delighted to announce the launch of our first game Cranks & Goggles.

Improvements and Fixes!

Improvements and Fixes!


We've been busy working on a lot of issues, as well as new features.

Cranks and Goggles - Early Access on Steam

Cranks and Goggles - Early Access on Steam

News 7 comments

After a year of development, we proudly announce the launch of our debut title Cranks and Goggles, a historical top down racing game set in roaring 20s.

Berserker66666 - - 137 comments


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