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Crack (Aka: Project Cartoon) is the animated action-adventure Run n' Gun game, reminiscent of Amiga and DOS games with 90s aesthetic making more nostalgic with strange bizarre puzzles, minigames, and deadly traps! If you love games these like: Turrican, Mega Man, Zool, Jazz Jackrabbit, Rayman, Toonstruck... Crack it's made for you!

Crack: is a 2D retro platformer Starring the glorious mischievous hunter of evil, freedom avenger and fearless hero; Eric "Crack" Boo McGold who discovers the crashed ship during the nighttime, And adopts the cute blue spherical being called "Bluey". But the Invaders soon arrive to find the materials to conquer the galaxy quick, Crack must stop the creatures from the attacking other planets across the galaxy. But also... you can face to face with alien greeny chicken stormtroopers and the autonomous robot space invaders to liberate their homeworlds! Your task is to collect the key pieces around the planets to open the Clancy's HQ!

with an amazing story and a wacky unique cast of characters, CRACK will make sure everyone will play his game 'til the END OF THE PLANET EARTH!!! OpenGL not included.

DEMO: Coming Soon on Itch.io!

Discord channel: Discord.gg

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History of Crack


The concept from creating for the Character traces back in september 2014 when I saw the Role-Playing On Google+ account which makes me create a character named "Mr. Cacao Gold" using Sonic artworks and others. In which also introduced Bluey as was originally a Kirby and Doroia using the MS Paint. Which made him hate the Sonic something which made him redesign to make the Non-Sonic Interfluce. which made him look more grose since my age 12, I've posted the character named Crack on Fantendo which other people are calling him Drugs and later year, after lefting Fantendo and I've decided to draw more art while first time I was on DeviantART and SZ64Saulius forced to make the art but I've regret this but I've drawn him and Someone's calling him a bad art, So I've decided to make the better way.

While learning drawing cartoons, I've mentioned about the graphic tablet that I don't know that is gone or using the PC mouse as the bad Idea, So I've decided to continue the journey with my old PC Mouse.
And I was still drawing while browing Saulius' art, there's a Malay artist on DeviantArt known as Sitinuramjah who is drawing Anpanman stuff - For example she has Expresso Chan. I've decided to to something, While I just commented, she hide my comment and starting hate her and blocked me. So how the vengeance starts now...

In 2015, I've decided to rework on the old 1994 Game named "Crack" which actually the character desgin was same to mine and I've decided to use it as the main character. The Original concept from 2014 had different story of which takes place in north of Pop Star in the underground city, Loo was the NPC Character to be the Shaman using same design to Toon Link's which made him seen only barefoot, Yoli was said as the "Thunder Knight" who is the species of the Anime-like human child or early teenager whoose wearing his shorts which made him look like a beach boy and more cute and andorable. In mid-2015, 6 months before development of Crack, the setting was going to take place in Planet Globox which had water red and grass blue. The game originally was claimed to be developed by Rare and HAL Labolatory, and published by Konami before the rights were taken to Rublintendo in 2015. The character design was different, Crack was originally had orange hood and going to be resemble Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Unfortunately despite of character's name The Fantendo's audience claimed Crack as a "drugs or :" it might be censored. About the late summer, I've abandoned Fantendo due to drug jokes on my character. Crack originally had his name; Crack "Skell" Boo McGold before changed to Eric "Crack" Boo McGold, used the nickname as the title character. So I've learned that Term "Crack" nouns with Wisecrack, Crackpot and Crackle.

As concept from 2016, the other characters in this prototype they were replaced by the characters of Crack's species including Zhuang Quang, Robin Saucequatch, Jun Hando-San, William Grant and Dill Blind. Crack's name was originally named Crack "Boo" Skell McGold which actually was the creepy name until was changed to Eric Crack Boo McGold as his Official name which made him said as for his Austrian-South Korean ancestry and other characters also have inlcuding that others have the National Sterotypes.

When I've seen an Artist and Musican at DeviantART named "KaiserKidX" (Colton Pense) created his own character for his game; "Kaiser and the Chaos Clockworks". So I've decided to put the character into my own game titled Crack to use Crack McGold to compete with Kaiser Leospike.

If you don't know who is this guy, He is a madman in attempt of game development tyranny (Well, just I'm not making fun of him. Right?). And there's ONE IMPORTANT THING: If he releases demo of his game about mid-2019, let's make fun of this trash and upload this on YouTube. If something came worse in the game.

And If another big company (eg. SEGA, Activision, Konami, Ubisoft, Etc.) would brought rights to its company, this is what gonna be how like Activision owns Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, with starting all with developing the original trilogy and the both franchises would change hands and developers numerous times. And I'm not sure that different developers would like to make new Crack games? We need need a ninth generation video game console! (In order to create a platforming mascot)

So, Crack universe takes the inspiration by works for example; like french and belgian comic books such as Asterix, The Smurfs, etc. American comics too; Bone, Sam & Max. also japanese manga; Anpanman, the american cartoons like Looney Tunes. The science fiction novels such as The War of the Worlds and 1984. movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Terminator. Also Video games such as Starcraft, Oddworld, SPORE, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Planet Robobot, Spyro, Rayman 1, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, MySims and the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000.

Or in other vein, here some popular references in the Game:

  • Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog - Chairman Clancy himself is a inspiration to Dr. Robotnik. they are evil dictators who are the main antagonists of main protagonists. But Clancy sometimes makes robots too with help of his engineers. Clancy is almost like Dr. Robotnik, but is being more rude.
  • Bone - In the cutescene where Crack ends up in the cave in Volcayno in the dark, he lights up the torch and it reveals to be a bird-like dinosaur.
  • Crash Bandicoot - Scuttle Jungle is a jungle-themed level located in the planet Neurosis.
  • Turrican - Crack is the run'gun shooting platformer, Crack can collect varieties of weapons but he can't roll like darn Metroid.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit - same as above, also the muscullar jackrabbit.
  • Mega Man - Control scheme.
  • Rayman - Worm Man is a limbless creature, also the robots too.
  • Rayman 2: The Great Escape - Robots bares their simillar face with the 2D prototype.

More soon

Despite the scrapped plot about the extraterrestial life which involves creation of the galaxy, rise of the oragnic beings and aliens, would be reworked into Project Creature, a sandbox god game very simillar to SPORE with different elements. This is the game where you control the development of the species on your own planet from its beginnings as a microscopic organism, through the intelligent and social creature, to instellar space exploration in the galaxy. The game would feature new head shapes for the creature, new creature parts, new personalities, and new vehicle subtypes (Eg. flying bomber, fighting robot, etc.), and even more advanced settings such as painting the parts of the creature by clicking. And there's one extra, you can now create your own being of your imagination to its evolution! new cell parts! you can also upgrade your intelligent creature's parts to robot-like!

So, nevermind that. Let's continue our Crack story.

The character designs were also inspired by real people, such as the South Korean K-Pop boy bands or the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union.

Crack takes place in the planet as known as Neurosis, A planet inhabitated by the Golden Marsupials with their clownfish fins. A green planet with a one huge red path where it described as "Redlands hills", Home to Crack, until he moved to the Island of the Raising Sun. Neurosis is the fictionalized version of modern-day Earth sharing the same technology, but also the Hi-Tech.

Crack would use the Amiga and 16-bit console graphics to resemble old retro games from the early 90s and uses the engine called Fusion 2, instead of 2.5 because won't play on older systems. And the older version of Fusion 2 requires some fixes for the video-playing expensions for older systems and other PCs.

The Kickstarter project release: 2025

Animated Cutscenes No. 2

Animated Cutscenes No. 2

Animation Tutorial

Well, the animation of the 90s well very interfluced me as the kid when I saw them on Cartoon Network and Nicklodeon in early 2010s.

The art of Crack - The Levels

The art of Crack - The Levels

Level Design/Theory Tutorial

I guess I'm gonna tell you about some level Ideas for this.

Classic and New I guess?

Classic and New I guess?

Music Tutorial

Something I need to listen, and add to my game. and please no modern-interfluced! just like the 90s.

Who'll Voice them?

Who'll Voice them?

Voice Acting Tutorial 1 comment

This is the inprovant event for the game. like the cutscenes.

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Crack: The Original: Preview Version II

Crack: The Original: Preview Version II


This is the last thing to do, I'm going to finish more funny, big-butt, from our favorite Sonic cartoon Robotnik! NOTE: Please disable your anti-virus...

Crack Classic: Pre-alpha preview version

Crack Classic: Pre-alpha preview version


We're working on the recent project, the SNES, SEGA CD and Playstation Era-inspired project.

MasterTapeworm Creator

Wanna swallow a hot dog?

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